The Best Brewpubs Worth the Trip

These local (for now) bastions are batching up the next generation of super suds.

The Libertine Pub

Morro Bay, California

Cali’s Central Coast is booming with young gun beer-and-wine geniuses who make killer booze, then surf. Repeat. Firestone Walker brewery is the name you know out of this area. These guys—who specialize in barrel-aged wild brews—are next.

Beer To Try: Kitchen Sink

The Grumpy Troll

Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Located outside of Madison, this scrappy spot has mastered the art of making big, complex beers that are actually drinkable—no weirdo mouth punches ever. This, of course, is a key to selling suds in this buy-em-by-the-case, beer-soaked state.

Beer To Try: Erik The Red Ale

Iron Hill

Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware

This mini empire is going to be the next Heartland Brewery—but with way better beer. Sorry HB! Each of the 11 breweries are uber-local, brewing whatever the regulars dig.

Beer To Try: Pig Iron Porter

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