5 Sports Stories Bound to Become Movies

As "When the Game Stands Tall" hits theaters, we look at other true-life sports tales that would make great flicks.

When the Game Stands Tall is the latest real-life sports saga to get the inspirational movie treatment. (Really, is there any other kind?) Based on the events surrounding California's De La Salle High School—which saw a record-setting 151-game winning streak over the course of 12 years—When the Game Stands Tall will follow in the footsteps of other tear-jerking, based-on-true-events sports sagas like Remember the Titans, Miracle, Rudy, and The Rookie, among so many others. While the story of When the Game Stands Tall—which opens in theaters on Friday—is a smaller scale story worthy of being told on the big screen, we picked five other headline-grabbing sports sagas that are inevitably, and deservedly so, going to become movies someday.

Mo'Ne Davis: It's actually kind of incredible that someone in Hollywood hasn't already green lit a movie about the Little League sensation. Granted, it's only a matter of time before that happens before you see Throw Like a Girl on a marquee somewhere. At a time when America feels collectively down in the dumps, here's this badass 13-year-old pitcher from Philly who has captured the heart of a nation with her incredible skills on the field and her BS-free attitude off the field. The first Little Leaguer to ever land on the cover of Sports Illustrated will probably just be part of a montage during her inevitable movie. Hopefully Hollywood waits a little longer to see what she does next, because it will, no doubt, make for a damn good sports flick.

The 2001 World Series: Granted, there was already an excellent HBO documentary on the subject called Nine Innings from Ground Zero, which followed the emotionally-charged World Series between the New York Yankees and the Arizona Diamondbacks in the weeks following the September 11 attacks, but we'll be damned if that's not a sports story worth telling again. A full-length feature would not only serve as an important history lesson, but a reminder of the power of baseball and it's ability to heal and unite a nation, even during its darkest hour.

Dan Jansen: You could make movies about inspirational Olympics moments until the end of time, but you can pretty much bet your gold medal that there will be one about American speed skater Dan Jansen someday. And with good reason. Jansen, who overcame personal tragedies and a devastating fall at the 1988 Winter Olympics, went on to win gold in his final race (the 1000 m) at the 1994 games in Lillehammer. Even after seeing those clips replayed time and time again on TV, it's a story about perseverance that can still give you goosebumps. (We officially challenge Daniel Day-Lewis to pull this one off!)

The 2004 World Series: No, 2005's Fever Pitch does not count. The Boston Red Sox's unbelievable, decades-in-the-making World Series victory (a sweep, no less) over the St. Louis Cardinals is worthy of its own motion pic-tcha. Of course, the real movie would be about their stunning comeback victor over longtime rivals in the New York Yankees in the ALC series. That was wicked dramatic.

Michael Jordan's Three-Peats: Don't get us wrong, there are hundreds of basketball stories worth telling—professional, college, high school or otherwise—but what the hell would basketball be without Michael Jordan? No matter where you were from, if you were a kid growing up in the 90's you lived and died by the Chicago Bulls and staunchly lived by the motto, "I wanna be like Mike." Space Jam and that brief foray into baseball aside, Jordan's glory days—and those famous three-peats—would be a glorious throwback for anyone who grew up with him as their sports idol and basically a guaranteed Oscar for whoever stepped into Jordan's Nikes and took on the role.

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