Try Apple’s New OS Right Now

The brand-spanking-new OSX Yosemite Beta is live, so get to it!

Apple doesn’t mess around when it comes to the software behind their brushed aluminum Macbooks or their nuclear-football-cased Macs. OSX keeps Apple’s stronghold on their architecture, and they’ve wisely decided to give away upgrades for free. As the era of OSX Mavericks comes to a close, OSX Yosemite is on the scene, and anyone interested in checking it out ahead of its fall launch has a shot at seeing it in all of its beta greatness right now.

Like their iOS operating system for mobile devices, Apple has found the value in giving their core software to users for the price of…nothing. This means a more unified experience for Apple users and a lot less troubleshooting for Apple, since they’re dealing with a significantly less splintered user base.

Yosemite will officially launch later this year, but Apple is taking user submissions for the beta program to let the faithful (and bold) take a crack at their new OS and everything it has to offer. Whether that means making the most of AirDrop between laptops and iPads or taking phone calls from an iPhone on your iMac or using the streamlined notification center is really up to you. The point is, all these great new features are built in and ready to do your bidding…if you’re ballsy enough to install some pre-launch code on your computer.

We’re always interested to check out the new tricks that Apple has up its sleeve, and we know that the software they roll out for your laptop or desktop is always going to be an upgrade. Whether it increases battery life, betters graphics or smartens processing, there’s a lot of value in upgrades to Apple software. Our Macbooks are singing the praises of the Yosemite refresh, and yours will too if you’re in the beta program. So point Safari to Apple’s sign-up site and get yourself ahead of the curve of what’s coming this fall.

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