Best New Brews for Labor Day

To mark the end of the season, it’s imperative you spend every waking hour this holiday downing these drink-all-day, BBQ beers (shirts encouraged, not required).

Austin Beerworks Anytime Ale 99-PACK!!!!

These hopped-up Texan brewers renamed their killer Peacemaker blonde ale then seriously re-re-re-re-re-packaged it, stuffing 99 sud soldiers into a seven-foot case of awesomeness. The beer goes with anything off the grill and is perfect for daytime drinking: Low proof, easy to sip, but with just enough caramel, citrus and grain flavors to shush up the beer-snobs. Best part: The 99-pack of cans only costs $99.99.

Firestone Walker Easy Jack IPA

Super crisp and without that mouth-scraping bitterness so many IPAs pack these days. Its citrus acidity makes your mouth water, and this stuff is full of flavors—mild hops, lemon and lime, a speck of peach, wet oats, and just a hint of banana. It’s so smooth yet flavorful it can be either chugged, or sipped all slow and fancy. It’s by far the best new beer of the summer. This flavor bomb goes best with any burger, from a grass-fed gourmet job to a hockey-puck pattie—the one that’s all overcooked and cold because it’s been off the grill for an hour.

Evil Twin Brewing Nomader Weisse

A tasty mix of yeast, malt, grapefruit and orange flavors, this wheat beer is a straight-up thirst quencher. It’s also low in alcohol, so after 8 of them you can still rule the beer pong table. And yes, this is a wheat brew—but no orange slices, scurvy boy. (If your beer needs a piece of fruit, you need better beer, dude.) Instead, be a man and add a full slab of BBQ wet ribs.

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