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DE | 6-5 / 260
First Coast (FL)
Pos Rank: 73
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 1/10/10
Committed Over: Florida, Florida State, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Florida
Scouting Report: Barnes might be the fastest and most athletic defensive tackle prospect in the state this year. He runs like a linebacker and can really get after the quarterback. He could start out as a d-end but will likely grow into an athletic tackle. His production level didn't match his physical tools and he needs to learn to keep his motor running all the time. -- Mike Bakas
OG | 6-3 / 294
Carver (GA)
Pos Rank: 31
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 7/28/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida State, Georgia, Maryland, Miami (Fl)
Scouting Report: Beasley has that nasty streak when on the football field that everyone wants. He plays hard, he wants to put his man on the ground, and he plays until the whistle blows. Holding his block is one of his biggest strengths. He has a very nice punch with his hands and he engages inside the shoulders and drives his opponent off the ball. Not only does he use his hands well, but he uses his legs too. Good mobility and keeps his legs driving.
OLB | 6-4 / 217
Adairsville (GA)
Pos Rank: 36
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 8/14/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Auburn, Duke, East Carolina, Louisville, Stanford
Scouting Report: Size is the first thing that jumps out about Beasley. He height, length, and build are three things physically that really makes him stand out in a crowd. In shorts or in full uniform, Beasley looks like a man that has the frame to move on to the NFL one day. Experience is one thing because there are still questions on how and at what position he will fit in college. he will need to be able to turn and run with tight ends and move in space.
S | 6-2 / 190
Allendale-Fairfax (SC)
Scout300: 217
Pos Rank: 22
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 6/12/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
Scouting Report: Breeland is a long defensive back that is a good cover guy. At a combine, he would get behind a little off the line, but his closing speed may be his best trait. He really closes on the ball well and after being behind the receiver. He has long arms, a rangy body, great closing speed, has good instincts, and he really plays under control.
S | 6-11 / 185
Cherokee County (AL)
Pos Rank: 64
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 7/16/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, South Carolina, Southern Miss, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Brown is a prospect who continues to improve and plays a lot bigger than his size. He is an aggressive player who likes to knock players down to the ground and plays through the whistle. He has good ball skills and does well in coverage.--Andrew Bone
WR | 6-4 / 184
T L Hanna (SC)
Scout300: 251
Pos Rank: 37
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 2/23/08
Committed Over: Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina
Scouting Report: Bryant is really the total package at receiver. He can stretch the field, he can get yards after the catch, and he can be that go-to guy across the middle on third downs. He still needs to add weight and get stronger. He has deceptive speed because of his long strides, but he is a definite vertcal threat. He will be an outside receievr on th next level that plays early in his career. - Chad Simmons
RB | 6-2 / 220
Gaston (AL)
Pos Rank: 68
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 8/8/09
Committed Over: Kentucky, Louisville, LSU, Mississippi, Southern Miss, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Buice is a very talented athlete who could play on either side of the ball. He has a lot of speed, quickness and athleticism. He excels in the open space and is explosive when getting to the outside.--Andrew Bone
OLB | 6-2 / 184
Battery Creek (SC)
Pos Rank: 73
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 5/27/09
Committed Over: Florida, Florida State, Miami (Fl)
Scouting Report: Used primarily as a safety, Chaney has the frame to grow into an outside linebacker pretty quickly and plays enough inside the box to show a surprisingly consistent technique holding the edge and awareness behind the line of scrimmage. Would like to see him work more on his flexibility and technique in tackling. The question for Chaney is if he can open up his hips and gain speed to play safety or add weight to play linebacker. - Miller Safrit
TE | 6-4.5 / 230
Ensworth (TN)
Pos Rank: 53
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 7/25/09
Committed Over: Duke, Michigan State, North Carolina, Tennessee
WR | 6-0 / 160
Gaffney Senior (SC)
Pos Rank: 75
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 3/6/09
Committed Over: Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina State, South Carolina
Scouting Report: Craig is an elusive athlete with very good speed. He is always a threat when the ball is in his hands, but he still has a lot to improve on as a wide receiver. His size will likely keep him on the inside on the next level. He needs to add strength, work on his route running, and blocking. He can make people miss in the open field and is very shifty. - Chad Simmons - South Recruiting Analyst
DE | 7-6 / 250
Carver (GA)
Scout300: 143
Pos Rank: 18
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 7/28/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Louisville
Scouting Report: Crawford is still in the process of learning the position because he spent about half the time at linebacker as a junior. He excels in containment. He does well staying in his lane, sealing his edge, and not letting anyone get outside. Stays in control, plays with energy, gets his arms up in passing lanes, and reads plays very well. Needs to work on playing with leverage, using his hands to get off blocks, and be explosive with his first step.
OG | 6-5 / 348
Chester Senior (SC)
Pos Rank: 46
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 7/24/09
Committed Over: Alabama, North Carolina State, South Carolina, Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest
Scouting Report: Davis plays offensive tackle for Chester but will move inside in college. He is a big body that will have to control his weight, but for a guy his size, he moves quite well. He can get to the second level of defense, he can get down field on a screen pass, and he does not move like someone close to 350 pounds. He needs to work on getting out of his stance, firing off the ball low, and playing with more initial punch. - Chad Simmons
CB | 6-2 / 174
D W Daniel (SC)
Scout300: 150
Pos Rank: 13
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 3/7/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia
Scouting Report: Ultra athlete who could play at a high level on either side of the ball as a defensive back or receiver. Tall, long, and good speed for his size. Covers ground quickly and plays the ball very well in the air, though transition from backpedal could use some strength added to it. Tough enough to make a play in the running game, and very aware in both aspects of his game. Should see the field early in college on special teams.
CB | 6-9 / 165
Centennial (GA)
Pos Rank: 95
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 7/27/09
Committed Over: Florida, Middle Tennessee, Syracuse, Toledo
Scouting Report: Jenkins is an athlete with a lot of speed. He has great acceleration and he closes on the ball very fast while staying in control. He makes a lot of plays on offense in high school, so he knows what to do when the ball is in his hands. need to work on flipping his hips out of his back peddle. He has the size for a corner, but plays more like a safety right now. He loves to hit, he loves to play in run support, and he is good at reading the QB.
MLB | 6-1 / 241
T L Hanna (SC)
Pos Rank: 29
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 2/26/09
Committed Over: California, Kentucky
Scouting Report: Nicolopulos is a hard-nosed linebacker that plays very physical. He is not a speedy backer, but he seems to be around the ball a lot. He is ideal for middle linebacker on the next level because he can take on blocks and he is a sure tackler. He likes to hit, he wraps up well, and he is good down hill. He can work on his hips, his lateral movement, and his explosiveness. - Chad Simmons - South Recruiting Analyst
CB | 6-1 / 180
Heritage (GA)
Pos Rank: 56
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 8/3/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Longer than most corners and he has long arms to go with the size. His athleticism is obvious – he played corner as a freshman, wide receiver as a sophomore, and quarterback as a junior. As a corner, he likes to play physical, so he is an aggressive corner, with good ball skills that is very athletic. He needs to work on his feet, his change of direction, and getting out of his breaks as a defensive back.
CB | 6-11 / 171
Westlake (GA)
Pos Rank: 28
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 7/30/09
Committed Over: Auburn, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Miami (Fl)
Scouting Report: Robinson has good ball skills, good size, and great toughness for a corner. He likes to play man to man coverage and he does that well on the high school level. He will have to add strength to have success there on the next level. He also needs to work on his back peddle and being more explosive out of his breaks. Robinson is athletic, but needs to work on the little things to become a better corner. - South Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons
DT | 6-2 / 271
Anson (NC)
Pos Rank: 103
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 12/15/09
Committed Over: Duke, East Carolina, Marshall, Michigan State, Navy, North Carolina State
OT | 7-6 / 280
Middletown (DE)
Pos Rank: 119
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 8/27/09
Committed Over: Boise State, BYU, Maryland, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Tennessee
DT | 6-4 / 253
Hargrave Military (VA)
Pos Rank: 1
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 12/12/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Connecticut, Duke, LSU, Michigan State, North Carolina, Syracuse, Virginia, West Virginia
OT | 6-4 / 265
Etowah (GA)
Pos Rank: 62
Committed to: CLEMSON
Commit Date: 6/21/09
Committed Over: Miami (Fl), Mississippi, UCF, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest
Scouting Report: Webster is a physical lineman that is versatile enough to play inside or outside on the next level. He plays light on his feet, he is aggressive in the trenches, and he has room to grow as well. Getting stronger and being quicker off the ball are definitely areas that need improvement. - South Recruiting Manager Chad Simmons
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