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OT | 7-6 / 275
St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
Pos Rank: 60
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 12/20/09
Committed Over: Connecticut, Florida International, Maryland, Mississippi State, Purdue, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Barton is a prototype physically for the OT position, he should be that 6'6, 300 pound type down the road. He is an athlete that consistently shows plus tools. He is very raw technique wise, he did not start as a junior, and will need some time to adjust in college. The upside is there for him to develop into one of the top linemen from Florida in this class. -Geoff Vogt
DT | 6-2 / 266
Evanston Township (IL)
Pos Rank: 74
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 1/31/10
Committed Over: Ball State, Boston College, Eastern Michigan, Illinois State, Miami (Oh), Michigan State, Toledo
Scouting Report: Disruptive interior defender who gets off the ball and into the backfield quickly. Plays with a good motor and does a good job getting rid of blockers and closing on ball carriers. He does tend to play high, something he was able to do and get away with in high school, but will need to be worked on in college. He will also need to add weight to hold up inside at the next level. - Allen Trieu
OG | 7-6 / 318
Milford (NY)
Pos Rank: PG
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 1/23/09
Scouting Report: Bunche played offensive tackle in high school and played there again at the Prep School level. He's a very powerful kid with a big frame and can drive people off the ball really well. He's very raw and needs to develop better footwork to play tackle at the college level. He has a lot of upside, maybe even more at guard, at the major college level. -- Mike Bakas
OLB | 6-4 / 215
Buchanan (CA)
Pos Rank: 113
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 1/8/10
Committed Over: Arizona, Arizona State, Fresno State, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State
Scouting Report: Cain is an excellent athlete who came onto the recruiting radar late. At 6-4 and 215 pounds, he has ideal size and has the frame to carry a lot more weight. He's also a good basketball player. He lacks ideal cover skills and some believe he could grow into a defensive end but he needs to keep getting stronger. -- Mike Bakas
RB | 6-11 / 185
Booker T. Washington (FL)
Scout300: 127
Pos Rank: 14
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 11/3/09
Committed Over: Florida State, Georgia, Michigan, Rutgers, South Florida, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Clements is a back that can about anything. He is quicker than some think, he gets to the edge very well, and he has very good footwork and balance. He makes nice cuts, he shows good patience out of the backfield, and he has very good hands as well. He can with a little more authority on the inside or when going head to head with a linebacker, but he as what it takes to be elite. - South Recruiting Analyst Chad Simmons
TE | 6-5 / 235
Christian Brothers (CA)
Pos Rank: 15
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 9/6/09
Committed Over: Arizona State, Boise State, Miami (Fl), Nevada, Oregon, Oregon State, San Diego State, UCLA
Scouting Report: Really came on in senior year, with great pass-catching ability, speed in the openfield and polish in blocking. Father played in the NFL.
OLB | 6-2 / 189
Stephenson (GA)
Pos Rank: 61
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 8/17/09
Committed Over: Auburn, Florida, Georgia Tech, Louisville, Michigan, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Cornileus is an athlete that could play outside linebacker or strong safety in college. He has good quickness, but is a little light to play inside the box on a regular basis. He is physical, he likes to hit, and has good awareness. He needs to continue to develop physically and work on getting off blocks. - South Recruiting Manager Chad Simmons
CB | 6-1 / 164
Gainesville (FL)
Pos Rank: 114
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 10/6/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, Florida, Iowa State, Louisville, Rutgers, South Carolina, South Florida, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Davis has ideal height (6-1) for a college corner prospect with the long arms that he uses well when in coverage. He has excellent closing speed and doesn't get beaten deep. He'll need to add more weight and strength before competing in college and will be asked to get more physical at the line of scrimmage. He's a playmaker, though. -- Mike Bakas
CB | 6-11 / 170
Cape Coral (FL)
Pos Rank: 50
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 5/12/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio State, USC, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Davis is clearly one of the fastest players in the state with elite burst and a second gear on the field. He will be a weapon on special teams. As a CB, he has quality size(5'11), quick hips, and the ability to jam at the line of scrimmage. Davis is a tough player that has shown some durability. He needs to get stronger and add a little weight which is a matter of time. He has the potential to play on Sunday's. -Geoff Vogt
OG | 6-4 / 294
Western (FL)
Pos Rank: 19
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 4/7/09
Committed Over: Florida State, Mississippi, South Carolina, South Florida, Tennessee, Wake Forest
Scouting Report: Feliciano will either be a RT or move inside to OG at the next level. He displays a sound all around game with quality size, drive blocking skills, and overall strength. To play RT he will need to improve his feet. Feliciano flashes a nasty streak on the field, we would like to see more of that. -Geoff Vogt
TE | 7-6 / 245
Kilgore (TX)
Pos Rank: JC
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 12/8/09
Committed Over: Arizona
Scouting Report: Ford emerged as one of the nation's top pass-catching Juco tight end prospects this year. He wasn't heavily recruited out of high school but really emerged at Juco. He has ideal size to go in and play right away and catches everything thrown his direction. He'll need to continue developing his game, like his blocking technique, but he has a chance to make an early impact in the passing game -- Mike Bakas
MLB | 6-2 / 215
Canisius (NY)
Pos Rank: 120
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 1/24/10
Committed Over: Arkansas, Buffalo, Oklahoma
Scouting Report: Gaines was a major sleeper this year but was well known around the Buffalo area. He has ideal size for a major college OLB prospect, runs really well, and has a lot of athleticism. He's also a top notch player on offense and had over 120 tackles on defense so he's around the ball a lot. He needs work in pass coverage and just needs to spend more time in the weight room but the upside is there. -- Mike Bakas
OT | 6-5 / 300
William M. Raines (FL)
Pos Rank: 35
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 4/17/09
Committed Over: Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, LSU, USC
Scouting Report: Glenn has spent a lot of time playing on the defensive line at the prep level and brings a lot of athleticism to the position, especially for someone his size. He's very raw from a technique standpoint and could develop more of a mean streak to finish off his blocks better. -- Mike Bakas
FB | 6-1 / 225
Tampa Bay Technical (FL)
Pos Rank: 4
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 6/11/09
Committed Over: LSU, Purdue, South Carolina, Tennessee, Wake Forest
Scouting Report: Hagens is a big, workhorse type RB that has carried the load showing excellent durability. He runs hard between the tackles and consistently displays the ability to break tackles and get extra yards. He does not possess great speed, so he might be best suited for a FB type role at the next level. He will excel in goal line situations and as a lead blocker. -Geoff Vogt
RB | 6-11 / 200
Lely (FL)
Pos Rank: 38
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 6/10/09
Committed Over: Clemson, Florida State, Kansas, Michigan, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Hall brings some intriguing qualities to the RB position. He has excellent hands(WR like), he consistently has displayed excellent vision, and at 200+ he can run hard inside and bounce off contact. He appears to have better game speed than track speed. He possesses better cutting ability than open field wiggle. Hall needs to get stronger and will enter college raw as a blocker. -Geoff Vogt
WR | 6-1 / 170
Miami Carol City (FL)
Pos Rank: 86
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 11/9/09
Committed Over: Florida, Florida State, Mississippi, Nebraska, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, UCF, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Playing in a run-oriented offense, Hurns never put up huge numbers but he is a natural at the position. He has great hands, finds ways to get open, and is a big target at 6-2. He needs to get stronger and injured his knee for his entire senior season so those are some issues he'll need to overcome -- Mike Bakas
RB | 6-1 / 215
Buford (GA)
Pos Rank: 40
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 11/1/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Kentucky, Michigan State, North Carolina, Penn State, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Johnson is a physical style back that is best inside the tackles. He is a durable back that has a good history of being healthy, he will give them a back that likes to carry the ball, and he will give them a back that works hard on and off the field. He needs to play to his strengths and become that true power back that plays at over 220 pounds. He is not a burner, but hits the hole well and has good balance.-South Recruiting Manager Chad Simmons
C | 7-6 / 290
St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
Scout300: 117
Pos Rank: 1
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 12/20/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio State
Scouting Report: Linder has spent time at OT and C during his high school career and is one of the most versatile linemen to come through Florida in years. He has a fantastic frame to go with terrific technique. He plays with great knee bend. He will enter college a lot further along than most linemen and should be ready to contribute early in his career. -Geoff Vogt
C | 6-3 / 255
Palm Beach Central (FL)
Pos Rank: 13
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 3/9/09
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Florida, Florida State, South Florida, UCF, West Virginia
Scouting Report: McDermott is ideally suited to the Center position because of his intelligence, aggressiveness, and solid technique. His lack of ideal height will not be a factor as a C, although he certainly could be an offensive guard as well. He does a lot of the little things very well and is a better run blocker than pass blocker today. -Geoff Vogt
QB | 6-2 / 181
Monsignor Pace (FL)
Pos Rank: 61
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 7/31/09
Committed Over: Connecticut, Florida, Mississippi, Purdue, UCF, Virginia
Scouting Report: Morris is a smart and athletic quarterback who played in an offensive system that was designed for the running game so he wasn't able to put up huge numbers. He throws a nice ball and he's accurate but just needs to become more consistent. He's a very coachable kid who will really take off with a good QB coach at the college level. -- Mike Bakas
MLB | 6-1 / 215
Gainesville (FL)
Pos Rank: 22
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 6/30/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, Florida, LSU, Mississippi, Rutgers, UCF, USC
Scouting Report: Nelson is a classic Florida MLB prospect, he has the speed to get sideline to sideline, terrific pop when he arrives, and he finds the football. He has average size and will need to improve in pass coverage. Nelson is extremely confident in his abilities, he does a great job of keeping bigger offensive linemen off of him, and he shows great quickness in the box. -Geoff Vogt
CB | 6-0 / 168
St. Thomas Aquinas (FL)
Scout300: 239
Pos Rank: 19
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 11/7/09
Committed Over: Florida, Florida State, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, South Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Payne projects to be a bigger type CB that can use his size at the line of scrimmage to his advantage. He has great ball skills and consistently shows the ability to make plays in the secondary. He has solid speed, but might struggle against the faster WRs. He is an ideal fit in a cover two scheme and can be a force against the run on the edge. -Geoff Vogt
DE | 6-5 / 225
University Of Nova Sout (FL)
Pos Rank: 39
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 10/23/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Florida State, LSU, Mississippi, Nebraska, South Florida, UCF
Scouting Report: Perry is everything a school wants from an athletic perspective, he has a long, athletic frame with plus explosion and speed. He is a terrific, natural athlete. He is very raw however and has not played much football, he will need some time to adjust. He has an outstanding frame to add weight. Perry has the potential to be a dominant pass rusher at the next level. -Geoff Vogt
CB | 6-2 / 183
Carroll (TX)
Scout300: 151
Pos Rank: 14
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 7/20/09
Committed Over: Duke, Florida, Georgia, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma
Scouting Report: Rodgers, the son of an NFL coach, is one of the more fundamentally sound corners you'll see at the prep level. He has ideal size for a major college corner and understands the game extremely well. He's big enough to end up playing free safety as well. He's not the most explosive corner around, however, and lacks great top end speed. Because of his understanding of the game and his work habits, he'll likely play early. -- Mike Bakas
OT | 7-6 / 250
Boston College (MA)
Pos Rank: 53
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 9/14/09
Committed Over: Duke, New Hampshire, SMU, Syracuse, Tulane, Utah, Virginia
Scouting Report: Tallman has played both tight end and offensive tackle at the prep level and will likely begin his college career at tight end. He has ideal size with long arms and quick feet. He's a very good athlete for someone his size. He's not going to overpower anyone right now and needs to become a better downfield threat as a pass-catcher but he has a lot of the physical tools you look for. -- Mike Bakas
DT | 6-4 / 255
Miami Beach Senior (FL)
Pos Rank: 96
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 1/12/10
Committed Over: Bowling Green, Florida International, Western Michigan
Scouting Report: Taylor was a major sleeper this year. He's only started five games in his entire prep career and most of that was on offense. He's a very good athlete who's very physical at the point of attack. The physical tools are there. He's very raw and will need to bulk up before being able to contribute on the interior. -- Mike Bakas
TE | 7-6 / 225
Glades Central (FL)
Pos Rank: 42
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 7/20/09
Committed Over: Florida International, Indiana, Purdue, South Carolina, South Florida, UCF
Scouting Report: Walford is making the transition from the basketball court to the football field. At 6'6, he has the frame and speed to be a standout TE down the road. He catches the ball well and makes better than expected adjustments on the ball when it is in the air. He needs to work in the weight room developing that frame to become a better blocker. He should develop into a pass catching weapon, one who stretches the defense. -Geoff Vogt
OLB | 6-2 / 200
Lake Taylor (VA)
Pos Rank: 58
Committed to: MIAMI
Commit Date: 10/19/09
Committed Over: LSU, North Carolina, Oregon, Penn State, Tennessee, West Virginia
Scouting Report: A very fast and athletic outside linebacker prospect. He runs really well. His sideline to sideline speed allows him to have a chance to make a lot of plays, and he shows some explosiveness in his tackling. Williams often lines up as standup/rush linebacker and because of that it's sometimes hard to see what type of instincts he has. He'll need to bulk up and add some upper body strength so he'll be able to take on bigger blockers.
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