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DT | 6-4 / 270
Pahokee (FL)
Pos Rank: 52
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 12/16/09
Committed Over: LSU, Minnesota, Oklahoma State, Rutgers, South Florida, Tennessee, UCLA, USC, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Ash is an excellent athlete and has terrific size for a DT prospect. He has a quality first step and gets into the backfield quickly while having the speed to pursue to the edges. Ash needs to continue to develop his technique, particularly his ability to disengage blockers. He should add plenty of size which will help him against the run. -Geoff Vogt
CB | 6-9 / 164
Lexington (OH)
Pos Rank: 36
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 6/20/09
Committed Over: Army, Bowling Green, Indiana, Louisville, Stanford, Vanderbilt
Scouting Report: A good football player who posseses above average speed and good quickness and agility. Is smart and understands the game. Picks up quickly on routes and has the athletic tools to close on plays. He does not have prototypical size, but is able to play up on the line. He is a well built kid, but is not real tall. - Allen Trieu
DT | 6-2 / 260
Wyoming (OH)
Scout300: 174
Pos Rank: 15
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 1/24/10
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisville, Michigan State, Minnesota, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Black is a player who could line up as a defensive end or at the tackle position. He's got great burst and will give all out effort on each play. Does a good job going lateral and shows great strength and toughness. With good size and speed, Black is still learing techniques and moves that will take his game to another level. Special player who doesn't get the credit he deserves. - Midwest Recruiting Analyst Dave Berk
CB | 6-1 / 180
Penn Hills (PA)
Pos Rank: 3
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 11/24/09
Committed Over: Maryland, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, UCLA, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Christian is a nice sized cover corner who gets better with every rep and only lacks experience at the position. He has the ability to a true lockdown corner. Right now he relies a lot on instinct, but is getting better at being aware of everything that is going on around him and jumping routes. He is tough to beat in press coverage and he will hit you. Plays very physical football and is not afraid of contact. Bob Lichtenfels/Scout.com
WR | 6-10 / 175
Parkview Baptist (LA)
Pos Rank: 101
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 4/30/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, LSU, Northwestern, Stanford, Tennessee, Tulane
Scouting Report: Dileo's speed allows him to overcome his size if used the right way. He has good quickness and if he gets in the open field and has a crease then he can take it the distance. Dileo's offense didn't throw much so he didn't have to run a wide array of routes and that is something he will have to adapt to. Returning kicks should give him a chance to play early in his career and he seems like a good fit for the slot and someone you get creative with.
S | 6-0 / 175
Boyd Anderson (FL)
Scout300: 203
Pos Rank: 19
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 2/3/10
Committed Over: Florida State, Michigan, USC
Scouting Report: As athletic as any player in the country with his combination of great size, frame, speed, and first step quickness. He's further ahead athletically than as a player. He can get caught turning the wrong way, has trouble getting off blocks, and is sloppy in his tackling form, but with the ball in his hands on returns and letting his instincts as an athlete takeover, he show's that he's special. Definition of an upside recruit. Scott Kennedy
S | 6-2 / 200
Old Mill Senior (MD)
Pos Rank: 7
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 12/21/09
Committed Over: Duke, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Furman is an excellent running back (2,000 yard rusher) but he will make his mark on defense on the next level. At almost 6'3" and weighing close to 200 lbs, Furman is one of the fastest players in the state (4.3 forty). With his versatility and athleticism he can take away half the field in coverage, lock up on a wide receiver, crowd the line in run support or blitz. John Wallpher / Scout
QB | 6-4 / 201
Inkster (MI)
Pos Rank: 5
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 3/12/09
Committed Over: LSU, Michigan State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Athletic quarterback with inate ability to feel pressure and elude defenders. Has good change of direction and is very elusive. Has a nice arm and can make all the throws. Needs work mechanically, but shows good touch on his passes, particularly the deep ball. Is a very smart and poised player who is cool under pressure and in the clutch. Shows good command of the offense and understanding of the game. - Allen Trieu
P | 6-4 / 210
Whitefish Bay (WI)
Pos Rank: 4
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 9/27/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Florida, Iowa, Northwestern, Ohio State, Wisconsin
RB | 6-0 / 210
Marcus (TX)
Pos Rank: 52
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 4/11/09
Committed Over: Kansas, Nebraska, SMU, Stanford, Texas A&M
WR | 6-3 / 190
Huron (MI)
Pos Rank: 79
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 10/1/08
Committed Over: Florida, Iowa, LSU, Stanford, Tennessee, Texas
Scouting Report: Is a big bodied kid who uses his body well to out-position defenders. Has good ball skills and timing and is able to go up over the top of defensive backs to make tough catches. Has fantastic hands and makes grabs in traffic. Lacks top end speed and ability to stretch the field but should be a reliable possession receiver and red zone target.
S | 6-0 / 185
Archbishop Rummel (LA)
Pos Rank: 79
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 11/3/09
Committed Over: Louisiana Tech, Minnesota, Northern Illinois, SMU, ULM, Utah
Scouting Report: Johnson plays the run and pass equally well. He does not shy away from throwing a lick and he has good range. Improving his speed, quickness and flexibility will help him become more effective in pass coverage. Johnson could contribute on special teams early in his career but will need some time to adjust to the speed of the game before making an impact at safety.
QB | 6-2 / 185
Spartanburg (SC)
Pos Rank: 60
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 6/15/09
Committed Over: Duke, Stanford, Syracuse, Wake Forest
Scouting Report: Coming from a spread offense in high school, would do well in a zone read system where he can use his running ability more than throwing the ball. Streaky quarterback in terms of accuracy, has a big arm but not overly accurate at any level. Footwork is good with a solid based and can buy time in pocket. Has a tendency to hold the ball a little too long. Has an incredible body to add size and would be able to excel at another position.
DE | 6-4 / 210
Liberty (OH)
Pos Rank: 94
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 3/14/09
Scouting Report: Middle linebacker who could play outside or rush off the edge in college. Is a good, fluid athlete who is explosive upfield and shows good speed in pursuit. Still is on the lighter side and needs to add weight and strength. Athleticism and instincts are evident in coverage. Is very comfortable and in his element in space. - Allen Trieu
WR | 6-2 / 205
Pioneer (MI)
Scout300: 167
Pos Rank: 27
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 9/29/08
Committed Over: Florida, LSU, Miami (Fl), South Florida, Stanford, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Is a big bodied, physical wide receiver with good speed for a kid with his size. He can take short passes, break tackles and get into the open field. He has big, strong hands and can snatch passes out of the air, but needs to work on his consistency with catching the ball and will sometimes let passes get into his body. Is a good blocker and a tough, hard working kid.
C | 6-2 / 256
Avon Lake (OH)
Pos Rank: 11
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 5/31/09
Committed Over: Colorado, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, Pittsburgh
Scouting Report: Interior lineman best suited for the center position. Does a great job of run blocking but needs work in pass protection. Very aggressive player who lacks height and arm length to move outside to tackle. Built for a spread offensive attack.
DE | 6-4 / 223
Hampton (PA)
Pos Rank: 74
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 5/27/09
Committed Over: Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina State, Notre Dame, Penn State, Pittsburgh
WR | 6-0 / 175
Canton South (OH)
Scout300: 259
Pos Rank: 40
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 2/9/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Michigan State, Ohio State, West Virginia
Scouting Report: He is a nice sized kid who plays bigger than his listed measurements. Has good hands and can go up and make tough catches in traffic, but will lose concentration and drop easy passes at times. Is very good after the catch and can make people miss as well as break tackles. Has good, but not great speed and explosiveness. - Allen Trieu
S | 6-1 / 204
Lake Region (FL)
Scout300: 201
Pos Rank: 18
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 4/17/09
Committed Over: Florida, Ohio State, South Florida, Tennessee, UCLA, USC
Scouting Report: Robinson has enough size that some feel he will grow into a LB. His speed would be very attractive there. He is an excellent tackler, particularly in space and he has plus hitting ability. Robinson will need to improve his range to stay at S in college, however he has shown quality instincts and has plenty of athleticism for the position. -Geoff Vogt
OLB | 7-6 / 205
Warren G. Harding (OH)
Pos Rank: 102
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 1/17/10
Committed Over: Michigan State, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Long, rangy defender who can run. Is good off the edge and does well in pursuit as he covers a lot of ground. Is still thin and needs to add weight and strength, but he has the athletic tools. - Allen Trieu
OLB | 6-3 / 220
St. Ignatius (OH)
Pos Rank: 81
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 1/18/10
Committed Over: Ball State, Bowling Green, Central Michigan, Eastern Michigan, Marshall, Ohio, San Diego State, Toledo
Scouting Report: A very good athlete who shows good football sense. Has excellent timing and anticipation on the blitz and regularly shoots gaps and makes plays in the backfield. Has good speed and athleticism and is comfortable in space and dropping into coverage. Missed nearly a year of football as a junior, but does not seem to have lost much in terms of making reads and diagnosing plays. Still needs to get stronger. - Allen Trieu
CB | 6-9.5 / 172
Wayne (OH)
Pos Rank: 109
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 8/14/09
Committed Over: Ball State, Cincinnati, Michigan State, Toledo, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Talbott is a true cover corner with great hips and the willingness to come up and hit against top competition level. While some question his height, his ability to go up against taller receivers have never been a problem as Talbott has a great vertical leap and is fluid in going from coverage to battle a receiver for the ball. Talbott lost his sophomore season due to injury but made up for it with a strong junior showing.
DT | 6-3 / 265
Wayne (OH)
Pos Rank: 41
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 8/14/09
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Michigan State, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Toledo, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Is a big-body physical presence along the defensive line that plays with a high motor. It is really hard to find something not to like about his game. Like most high school players you'll find him getting too high at times but his work ethic and willingness to listen to coaching has really made him a very polished player with a giant upside. Biggest thing he may do is over pursue at times. - Dave Berk
S | 6-11 / 185
Cardinal Mooney (OH)
Pos Rank: 103
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 12/4/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Bowling Green, Kent State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Smart, heady player who puts himself in good position to make plays. Has good closing speed and takes good angles in pursuit. In coverage, he shows good awareness and solid ball skills. He does not yet have ideal size and strength and while he is a good form tackler, does not supply a ton of pop in his hits. - Allen Trieu
RB | 6-0 / 190
Stevenson (MI)
Scout300: 155
Pos Rank: 15
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 7/15/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Iowa, LSU, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: An explosive back who can be used in a variety of roles. Has great feet and change of direction ability and makes many people miss in the open field. When he finds a crease, burst and acceleration are good and has breakaway capabilities. Is a fine receiver out of the backfield and has experience playing slot and split. Must continue to add size and strength, as power running needs to be improved. Shows willingness and aggressiveness as a blocker.
DE | 6-3 / 230
Trinity (PA)
Pos Rank: 67
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 6/9/09
Committed Over: Maryland, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Wilkins makes things happen and always seems to be aware of what is going on around him. he has a nose for the ball and making a big play. He has very good speed North-to-South, needs to be more athletic when changing directions and running laterally in pursuit.--Bob Lichtenfels/Scout.com
WR | 6-2 / 175
Warren G. Harding (OH)
Pos Rank: 168
Committed to: MICHIGAN
Commit Date: 3/14/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Indiana, Louisville, Michigan State, West Virginia, Wisconsin
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