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DE | 7-7 / 260
Solon (OH)
Pos Rank: 44
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 7/19/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Penn State, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Has ideal size. Great height and has a relatively nice build already. He can really move for a kid his size. He has good athleticism and feet. He does a good job of getting off the ball and gets around blockers, although he could do a better job of shedding. He also needs some development as a pass rusher, including adding more go-to moves to his repitoire. - Allen Trieu
K | 6-2 / 195
Chillicothe (OH)
Pos Rank: 6
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 7/2/09
Committed Over: Air Force, Cincinnati, Kentucky, Purdue
Scouting Report: Kicker and punter who shows a strong leg and accuracy. Will need to work on angle awareness at the college level but has all the tools to handle kicks and punts at the college level.
WR | 6-1 / 184
Cardinal O'Hara (PA)
Scout300: 153
Pos Rank: 25
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 9/13/09
Committed Over: Florida, Florida State, Miami (Fl), Pittsburgh, Rutgers, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Brown is a back whose skill set I liken to Reggie Bush. He is very dangerous outside the tackle box, has great speed and frankly, projects as a wide receiver as much as a running back to the next level. Can be very elusive in the open field and has excellent hands. Truly an "athlete" that can be used in many different ways to get production out of. Struggles running between the tackles and will have to put on weight. - Matt Alkire
CB | 6-11 / 178
Glenville (OH)
Pos Rank: 8
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 1/26/10
Committed Over: Miami (Fl), Michigan State, North Carolina, Stanford, Vanderbilt, Virginia, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Bryant is an aggressive corner with the knack for making big plays. He is comfortable playing on an island and has the feet, hips and instincts to succeed there. He has good anticipation and likes to jump routes, although he can be overaggressive at times. He also does not have great height, but does have excellent ball skills. - Allen Trieu
OLB | 6-3 / 225
Charlotte Christian (NC)
Pos Rank: 100
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 2/23/09
Committed Over: North Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Virginia, Wake Forest, West Virginia
QB | 6-5 / 225
Wheaton North (IL)
Pos Rank: 51
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 6/23/09
Committed Over: Duke, Iowa, Michigan State, Notre Dame, UCLA, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Has prototypical size for the position. He stands tall in the pocket, has good mechanics and has solid arm strength, although adding velocity is something which could really help him in college. He is accurate and throws the ball on time, displaying the ability to hit receivers in stride. He makes quick decisions, showing good football acumen. He is not a running quarterback by any stretch, but does show the ability to throw on the move.
S | 6-2 / 227
Canon-Mcmillan (PA)
Pos Rank: 84
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 8/7/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Wisconsin
DT | 6-3 / 315
Southeastern (MI)
Pos Rank: 48
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 1/5/10
Committed Over: Alabama, Florida, Michigan, Oklahoma, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: For a big bodied kid, he gets off the ball well and is able to get good penetration. Does a solid job of staying low and has good strength. Does a solid job of recognizing plays and getting to the ball. Conditioning and stamina are areas he will have to improve in.
FB | 6-0 / 235
Fork Union Military (VA)
Pos Rank: PG
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 6/22/08
WR | 6-11 / 178
Atlantic (FL)
Scout300: 194
Pos Rank: 29
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 7/29/09
Committed Over: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, LSU, Minnesota, Mississippi, Virginia Tech
Scouting Report: Athlete is the perfect description for Louis. Louis has very good feet, he has great acceleration, and he is only going to get bigger and stronger in the coming years. He has a nice frame to add weight while maintaining his speed in college. He gets a lot of yards after the catch in high school and should do the same in college. Needs work on his hips getting in and out of his routes and really just his overall route running.
MLB | 6-0 / 225
St. Ignatius (OH)
Scout300: 123
Pos Rank: 3
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 4/25/09
Committed Over: Notre Dame, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: McVey made a name for himself his junior season helping his team win a state title. While he lacks the size many look for his toughness and instincts give him the ability to hit the hole and blowup plays making him a force to be reckoned with. Smart player and leader who should be a solid player in college. – Midwest Recruiting Analyst Dave Berk
DE | 6-3 / 235
Boardman (OH)
Scout300: 287
Pos Rank: 36
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 9/12/08
Scouting Report: Moore shows the ability to go down the line and make a play with his lateral quickness and body control. Does a good job in high school disengaging against smaller players with good explosion. While he shows quickness some question his straight line speed.
OT | 7-6 / 290
Anderson (OH)
Pos Rank: 2
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 2/4/09
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Duke, Illinois, Indiana, Notre Dame, Stanford
Scouting Report: Norwell is the type of player college football coaches dream of. While he still needs to work on pass protection he's advanced compared to many. Great size with the tenacity and aggresiveness you see from players on the defensive side of the ball. Has great body control using great technique in both run blocking and pass blocking. Really hard to find a weakness in his overall game. -- Midwest Analyst Dave Berk
S | 6-2 / 190
Marion-Franklin (OH)
Pos Rank: 37
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 12/16/09
Committed Over: Ball State, Bowling Green, Cincinnati, Kent State, Michigan State, Ohio, Syracuse, Toledo
Scouting Report: A good high school quarterback who could remain at the position, but projects to the secondary as well. Is a good athlete with great upside because of his size and athleticism. He will have to learn the ins and outs of the safety position, but has the requisite physical tools to make the move. - Allen Trieu
CB | 6-0 / 180
Peachtree Ridge (GA)
Pos Rank: 44
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 1/13/10
Committed Over: Auburn, Boston College, Georgia, Indiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Purdue, South Carolina, Vanderbilt, Wake Forest, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Athlete is the first word that comes to mind when thinking about Roby. He can run, he can catch, and he has a good amount of potential on the football. What can he be in four to five years? It is clear that he is fast, but it is not clear just how good of wideout he is due to the system he plays in. He does need to work on sharpening up his routes and he needs to work attacking the ball in the air instead of letting it come into his body.
RB | 6-3 / 220
Paul Harding (IN)
Pos Rank: 8
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 7/1/09
Committed Over: Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Purdue
Scouting Report: Fantastically productive high school runner. Has outstanding size and has rare athleticism for a kid with his frame. Fluid kid who glides on the field and can make cuts while going full speed. He's a long strider who can break longer runs. He shows good blocking and receiving ability as well. He does run high and will need to add some weight, particularly in the lower body and that will help him as a between the tackles runner. - Allen Trieu
OLB | 6-3 / 215
Fork Union Military (VA)
Pos Rank: 6
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 12/16/08
Committed Over: Illinois, Michigan State, Notre Dame, South Carolina, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Turner could be a defensive end or an outside linebacker. Gifted athletically, Turner has a high ceiling along with many questions. Great speed and change of direction ability help him make plays against lower level competition and some question how he'll adjust to bigger and more talented players. Is Turner a track guy or will he show the willingness to do the work and become the player many feel he can be.-Midwest Recruiting Analyst Dave Berk
WR | 7-7 / 211
Shaw (OH)
Scout300: 212
Pos Rank: 32
Committed to: OHIO STATE
Commit Date: 8/29/09
Committed Over: Akron, Cincinnati, Illinois, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Tall lanky receiver with the ability to cause match-up problems in the Red Zone. Shows above average body control and solid hands, must work on strength and show durability to be a big-time player at the college level. Midwest Recruiting Analyst Dave Berk
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