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DE | 6-4 / 200
Montgomery Bell (TN)
Pos Rank: 170
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 1/25/10
Committed Over: Army, Central Michigan, Harvard
DE | 6-4 / 255
Central York (PA)
Scout300: 234
Pos Rank: 31
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 6/14/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Clemson, Florida State, Pittsburgh, Stanford, West Virginia
Scouting Report: An absolutely punishing hitter that has surprising closing speed and simply creates chaos in the opponent's backfield. Has great hands and gets of blocks very well. Hard-nosed, in your face style of play with a great motor. Good job in pursuit, but doesn't have the greatest lateral movement. Takes out lead blockers consistently and plays like he has an extra body in the closet. Baublitz is just all day tough. - Matt Alkire
QB | 6-4 / 205
St. Mary Preparatory (MI)
Scout300: 140
Pos Rank: 8
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 7/10/09
Committed Over: Louisville, Michigan State, Northwestern, Oregon, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Has great mechanics and is very fundamentally sound. Has good footwork and a nice, smooth, over the top release. Shows good ability to escape the pocket and throw on the run. Has solid arm strength and knows when to gun it and when to add some touch. Has not thrown a high volume of passes in high school, so he can continue to work on making reads and decisions, but he has great tools and a feel for the game.
C | 6-4 / 277
Fox Chapel Area (PA)
Scout300: 169
Pos Rank: 2
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 6/2/09
Committed Over: Florida State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Virginia
Scouting Report: Son of a college tennis coach and grew up playing the sport, which helped him develop his footwork. Moves well in space and is very versatile. Dieffenbach is able to play all positions long the offensive line and plays them well. He is above average in pass pro, but needs more experience his team hardly threw the ball. He is very tenacious and nasty as a run blocker. Bob Lichtenfels/
OLB | 6-2.5 / 221
Stamford (CT)
Scout300: 114
Pos Rank: 11
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 10/5/09
Committed Over: Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, USC
Scouting Report: Fortt has great size and speed for a linebacker. He is versatile and can play inside or outside. He is very good at shedding blockers and playing in traffic. Fortt shows solid cover skills and can cover the hook/curl zone or the flats. Solid hitter, needs to work more on form tackling instead of trying to deliver a knockout blow. Bob Lichtenfels/
OG | 6-5 / 274
Penn Trafford (PA)
Pos Rank: 16
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 5/4/09
Committed Over: Maryland, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Syracuse, Virginia, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Graham is an excellent pass blocker and solid run blocker at the point of attack. He has worked hard in the weight room putting on 30-pounds as a senior. we would like to see Graham be more aggressive at times in finishing his blocks. he is a very cerebral player and should adjust to college blocking schemes quickly.--Bob Lichtenfels/
DT | 6-2 / 310
Oscar F. Smith (VA)
Scout300: 161
Pos Rank: 14
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 6/26/09
Committed Over: Clemson, LSU, North Carolina State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
Scouting Report: While Hailes is not an explosive player, he is quick off the snap and is a penetrating tackle.nice job using his long arms to move offensive linemen out of his way and uses his hands very well. He does have a solid burst into the backfield and can be disruptive, but something that stood out on film to me about his penetration is that he stands nearly straight up off the snap a lot of times He'll need to correct that. --Matt Alkire/
TE | 6-4 / 230
North Hunterdon (NJ)
Scout300: 154
Pos Rank: 6
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 7/27/09
Committed Over: Miami (Fl), Pittsburgh, Rutgers, South Florida, Syracuse, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Haplea can do it all and he does. Haplea has ball skills that most receivers don't have. He is very good in the red zone at catching the ball at its highest point and boxing out defenders in the hook/curl zone. He is one of the most tenacious inline blockers I have seen in the box since I have been in this business. He is relentless and goes whistle to whistle every play. Bob Lichtenfels -
MLB | 6-0 / 220
Canon-Mcmillan (PA)
Pos Rank: 1
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 11/25/08
Committed Over: Pittsburgh, Stanford, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Hull is a tough kid who is a leader. He always makes plays and seems to have a knack for the ball. He is a fierce hitter on defense and plays well in traffic. Very solid in pursuit and can play sideline to sideline. Very instinctual and rarely puts himself in a bad position. Hull is also a talented running back. He is coming back from an injury. Bob Lichtenfels-
DT | 6-4 / 300
Johnson City (NY)
Pos Rank: 5
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 6/27/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Syracuse
Scouting Report: Jones has an ideal combination of size, quickness, leverage, and tenacity. He has a quick first step that lets him penetrate a gap between offensive linemen. He also has excellent strength and can occupy a double team or control a single blocker and dispatch him as the ball carrier arrives. He only needs to keep improving on what he does well to be a dominating force on the college level - Scott Kennedy,
QB | 6-3 / 223
Sto-Rox (PA)
Pos Rank: 3
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 1/17/09
Committed Over: Akron, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Jones reminds me a lot of Donovan McNabb. He has a thick body and can move, but he'd rather run through you than around you. His greatest asset is his arm strength. He can make a lot of throws that most high school players just don't make. He throws well on the run or in the pocket. Needs to touch up his footwork as he shows a tendency to throw off his back foot from time to time. --Bob Lichtenfels/
WR | 6-0 / 190
State College Area (PA)
Scout300: 291
Pos Rank: 43
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 7/14/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Illinois, North Carolina State, Pittsburgh, Stanford, Virginia
OT | 7-6 / 300
Lake Braddock Secondary (VA)
Pos Rank: 76
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 10/18/09
Committed Over: Connecticut, Illinois, Maryland, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Syracuse, Wisconsin
WR | 6-2 / 170
Midway (TX)
Pos Rank: 130
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 7/1/09
Committed Over: Baylor
DE | 6-5 / 230
Warren Mott (MI)
Scout300: 177
Pos Rank: 25
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 9/16/09
Committed Over: Kentucky, Miami (Fl), Michigan, Michigan State, Missouri, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Long, lean and athletic defender who can get to the quarterback. Gets off the ball well and shows good footwork in getting around pass blockers. Is thin, especially in the lower body and needs to bulk himself up and add strength to become more of a complete defensive end. Should fit as a situational rusher early in his career.
CB | 6-1 / 175
Cathedral Preparatory (PA)
Pos Rank: 91
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 1/27/10
Committed Over: Cincinnati, Iowa, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Toledo
RB | 6-10 / 190
King & Low-Heywood Thomas (CT)
Pos Rank: 7
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 5/3/09
Committed Over: Connecticut, Rutgers, Virginia
Scouting Report: The only knock on Redd is his level of competition that he competes against. Redd is a powerfully built runner who maintains a low center of gravity. Redd is one of the most elusive runners in space in the entire nation. He is almost impossible to get a solid hit on. He is a very talented receiver out of the backfield and has that extra gear to always be a threat to score from anywhere on the field.--Bob Lichtenfels/East Recruiting Analyst
OT | 7-6 / 266
North Allegheny (PA)
Scout300: 279
Pos Rank: 28
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 6/3/09
Committed Over: Boston College, Florida State, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Stanford
Scouting Report: Ricketts does a very good job sustaining blocks in the run game, takes good angles and controls his man to create rushing lanes and seems to love pancaking defenders. He has the athleticism to get to the second level and make plays and is decisive when picking his block in space which is important. Some linemen get to the second level and aren't athletic or quick enough to block someone, however Ricketts has no problem in that area.--Matt Alkire
OLB | 6-3 / 220
Manheim Central (PA)
Scout300: 211
Pos Rank: 18
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 7/30/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Maryland, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Royer plays in a gap control defense and is very intelligent and fundamentally sound in his play. He uses his hands well at the point of attack to shed blockers and then shows good closing speed to get to the ball carrier. He is natural in space and shows the foot speed and agility to play linebacker at the next level. Royer is also a sound tackler and will lay the wood at times, showing his aggressive nature. – Matt Alkire
FB | 6-2 / 225
Linganore (MD)
Scout300: 209
Pos Rank: 1
Committed to: PENN STATE
Commit Date: 9/11/09
Committed Over: California, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
Scouting Report: Zwinak runs and blocks like a bull in a china shop, he destroys whatever is in his path. He hits the hole quick and is very light on his feet for such a big back, he cuts just as well as most small backs. Once he hits the seem he has very good breakaway speed and switches the ball to the outside arm. He is a devastating lead blocker. Would like to see him run a little lower through the the line. Bob Lichtenfels/
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