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OG | 6-4 / 290
John Tyler (TX)
Pos Rank: 40
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 7/25/09
Committed Over: Houston, Mississippi State, Tulane, Tulsa, ULM, UTEP
Scouting Report: Big frame lineman whose strength is in his ability to run block. Fries hard off the line of scrimmage and drives. Solid in pass coverage as well. - Ahmard Vital, Scout.com
OLB | 6-1.5 / 210
Madison (TX)
Pos Rank: 54
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 6/3/09
Committed Over: Houston, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Rice
Scouting Report: Big linebacker, he can take on big linemen and stay on his feet. Guesses at times and is tentative when he does. When he sits back and reads the play then reacts he moves much more quickly and with purpose. Good first step when he attacks and is a sure tackler. Tends to play too high at times, in high school he can get away with this since he is much bigger than others.
DE | 7-6 / 242
Bearden (AR)
Pos Rank: 118
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 11/27/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, Arkansas State, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi, Texas Tech, Tulsa
S | 6-1 / 185
Arp (TX)
Pos Rank: 71
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 7/30/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, TCU, Utah
Scouting Report: Great size and speed are what Cooper brings to the table. He has an instinct for the big plays and finds himself in the right place at the right time often. Does a great job of reading the quarterback and getting himself in position to stop a pass play or attempt an interecption. His size makes him an asset in stopping the run also.
CB | 6-2 / 175
Smithson Valley (TX)
Pos Rank: 87
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 9/9/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Colorado, Colorado State, Kansas, Kansas State
Scouting Report: played out of position at cornerback in high school, he is more suited for safety where his size is also an asset. Needs to work on his tackling, he uses bad technique at times and does not properly wrap up. Has a lot of promise because of his size and speed, once he puts it all together he could be interesting to watch.
QB | 6-2 / 190
Charles Page (OK)
Pos Rank: 46
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 2/8/09
Committed Over: Oklahoma
Scouting Report: Deaton is a team leader that inspires his team with hard work and determination. As a senior he broke his collarbone, an injury that was supposed to sideline him for the season, but he willed himself back out on the field to help his team. He is also a player that can beat you with his feet and he rushed for over 1,000 yards as a junior. - Greg Powers, Scout.com
OT | 7-6 / 270
The Woodlands College Park (TX)
Pos Rank: 61
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 11/17/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Colorado State, Rice, Texas A&M
Scouting Report: Great frame for an offensive lineman. He has the big frame, long arms, big feet that you look for. Needs to be more aggressive and stay low, plus he needs more upper body strength. Has the physical tools to be a starter for several years. Better at pass blocking right now where his physical traits overwelm everyone on the high school level. - Alan Zepeda
WR | 6-2 / 195
Lee (TX)
Scout300: 264
Pos Rank: 41
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 7/18/09
Committed Over: Kansas, Missouri, TCU, ULM
Scouting Report: Playmaker with good vision. Has played multiple positions, but most suited for wide receiver. He has great speed and quick feet and good hands. - Ahmard Vital, Scout.com
CB | 6-0 / 178
Huntsville (TX)
Pos Rank: 42
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 6/18/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma, SMU, TCU, Texas A&M
Scouting Report: Speed, speed and more speed. Gilbert has it. Played plenty of QB out of necessity for HS, but will project as a wide receiver or defensive back on the college level. Quick feet and good hands. A highlight video waiting to happen. - Ahmard Vital, Scout.com
CB | 6-0 / 190
Derby (KS)
Pos Rank: 73
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 8/18/09
Committed Over: Air Force, Colorado State, Kansas State, Oklahoma, TCU, Tulsa, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Hedgepeth was the best athlete on his team in high school and made big plays on both sides of the ball. He will be making an adjustment, especially with the speed of the game, heading in to college, but he is a smart, cerebral, and hard working player that should be able to adjust well. - Greg Powers, Scout.com
S | 6-0 / 177
Rowlett (TX)
Pos Rank: 52
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 4/27/09
Scouting Report: Solid size at safety, he plays hard and takes good angles to get to the ball carrier. Does an excellent job of run support but does bite on the fakes from time to time. He does not mind diving for a player rather than trying to chase him down. Needs to get a bit bigger for the college level, but his hard play and good instincts make up for any minor deficiencies in size. - Alan Zepeda
OG | 6-3 / 260
Gilmer (TX)
Pos Rank: 45
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 11/1/09
Committed Over: Houston, Missouri, TCU
Scouting Report: Big offensive lineman, he needs to work on tightening his body. He is better at run blocking where he can use his big body to punish defenders. He is limited on what you can do with him, he has trouble getting to the second level. Tends to play too high at times which gets him in trouble. Pass blocking needs to be worked on as he can be beaten by the faster defensive ends.
WR | 6-2 / 200
Cypress Ridge (TX)
Pos Rank: 135
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 6/4/09
Committed Over: Arizona, Baylor, Kansas, Minnesota, Rice, SMU
Scouting Report: Great hands for the wide receiver position. Runs clean routes and works well in passing game when QB is flush out of the pocket in breaking off routes to get open. Can stretch the field and has the breakaway speed needed to score once in the secondary. - Ahmard Vital, Scout.com
OT | 7-6 / 260
Cape Coral (FL)
Pos Rank: 47
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 7/31/09
Committed Over: Auburn, Clemson, Miami (Fl), Mississippi, Nebraska
Scouting Report: Koenig has an elite frame to work with at over 6'5 with tremendous length. He is an aggressive player that shows a real mean streak on the field. Koenig is a player that has a high ceiling down the road as most tools are there, he just needs to spend some time in the weight room getting stronger and adding weight. -Geoff Vogt
OLB | 6-3 / 211
Celina (TX)
Scout300: 220
Pos Rank: 20
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 4/17/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Michigan, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech
OLB | 6-1 / 207
Hightower (TX)
Pos Rank: 7
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 8/13/09
Committed Over: Alabama, LSU, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Oregon, Texas A&M, UCLA
Scouting Report: If you were to imagine what you want an outside linebacker to do, it would be Shaun Lewis. Only knock is his lack of size, he is over six foot tall. Very quick off the edge he plays hard and can blow up a play before it can develop. Plays big in big games and when the games are on the line.
DT | 6-3 / 305
Sequoyah (OK)
Pos Rank: 44
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 8/23/09
Committed Over: Kansas, Louisville, Mississippi, Nebraska, Oklahoma
Scouting Report: Littlehead will fit in perfectly at nose guard and playing a two-gap role in a defensive scheme. On passing plays he is athletic enough to keep pressure on the quarterback and cause disruption in the backfield. - Greg Powers, Scout.com
MLB | 6-2 / 215
Sharpstown (TX)
Pos Rank: 20
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 3/4/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Houston, Missouri, Purdue, TCU, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Tall, athletic linebacker, he plays multiple positions on the field. Does a good job of coming up to stop the run, hits the ball carrier square and finishes up. Good lateral range because of his speed and quickness. Level of competition is a concern, he might need a year or so to adjust. - Alan Zepeda
CB | 6-2 / 210
Mount San Antonio (CA)
Pos Rank: JC
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 12/19/09
Committed Over: Auburn, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Nevada
WR | 6-3 / 215
Bowie (TX)
Pos Rank: 103
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 3/1/09
Committed Over: Kansas, TCU
Scouting Report: A big wide receiver, the size of a small tight end, he is best used down the middle where he does not mind contact. Does a good job of turning upfield once he has the ball and runs with purpose. catches the ball with his hands and once he gets going he is tough to bring down because of his size. He is not very fast but instead he has good hands and is good for a lot of catches down the middle. - Alan Zepeda
DE | 7-6 / 250
Bellaire (TX)
Pos Rank: 72
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 8/24/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, Baylor, California, LSU, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Texas, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Fantastic size for a defensive end, he played tight end also as a junior. At times he stands straight up on the snap and that causes him to lose any chance of beating the block. Uses his long arms to get to the ball carrier and can control his side when he stays low. Right now uses virtually now pass rush technique or moves. Raw prospect with upside.
RB | 6-0.5 / 190
Southeast (KS)
Scout300: 256
Pos Rank: 21
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 10/18/09
Committed Over: Illinois, Iowa, Kansas State, Miami (Fl), Missouri, Stanford
Scouting Report: A dynamic offensive weapon that's solid in all facets of the game; rushing, receiving, and returns. He is an explosive runner that can go from static to full speed in a few yards. With the ball in his hands, using his vision, speed, and elusiveness, he can turn a dead play into big gains. He also displays solid hands out of the backfield, making him a legitimate receiving threat. Not to mention, his instincts as a runner makes a threat on KOR/PR.
WR | 6-3 / 190
Union (OK)
Pos Rank: 137
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 2/2/10
Committed Over: Kansas, Stanford, Texas Tech, Tulsa
S | 6-1 / 195
Madison (TX)
Pos Rank: 30
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 8/20/09
Committed Over: Florida State, Houston, LSU, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Great size, if he gets much bigger then linebacker is a possibility. Has a bad habit of tackling high and trying to use his arms rather than go through the ball carrier. Good speed and his strength is coming up for run support. Does a good job of reading the quarterback on pass plays and taking away the passing lanes.
QB | 6-3 / 200
Texas (TX)
Pos Rank: 41
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 2/11/09
Committed Over: Kansas State, LSU, Oklahoma, Rice, TCU, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Good size for a quarterback, he has a strong arm to go with that also. Tends to throw harder passes down the middle than to the outside. Has had several good games against quality competition. Needs to work on his progressions and stop going for the first target on the plays. Usually puts the ball so that only his receiver can get to it, but does have lapses from time to time. - Alan Zepeda
CB | 6-10 / 180
North Shore Sr (TX)
Pos Rank: 49
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 4/30/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Houston, Miami (Oh), SMU, UTEP
Scouting Report: A little bit below average for a corner back, he does not have a ton of speed either. What he does have is a lot of quickness, good instincts and plays hard. Takes great angles on run coverage and can get through a block on the outside with relative ease. Plays smart football and knows how to win. - Alan Zepeda
OT | 6-4 / 280
James Madison (TX)
Pos Rank: 89
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 1/25/10
Committed Over: Colorado State, Minnesota, New Mexico, New Mexico State, SMU, Texas Tech, UTEP
Scouting Report: He couples his brute strength with freaky athleticism. He can uproot a defensive tackle and drive him backwards with no problem. When he has to play in space, he can run with and mirror linebackers. His lateral movement is well above average. He is light on his feet and is rarely beat with speed. All of Townsend's strengths are god given. (Baron Flenory)
DT | 6-2 / 255
Bowie (TX)
Pos Rank: 57
Committed to: OKLAHOMA STATE
Commit Date: 8/17/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, Iowa State, Kansas, Kansas State, Nebraska, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Quick interior lineman known for quick feet and great first step. Good in the run game, but will likely look to add a few pounds for college competition. Has a lot of pure athleticism. - Ahmard Vital, Scout.com
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