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TE | 6-3 / 210
Madison (TX)
Scout300: 284
Pos Rank: 11
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 6/19/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Houston, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Tulsa
Scouting Report: As a WR, Askew is smooth and fluid and is a solid route runner. He has long arms and catches the football away from his body. He attacks the ball when it is in the air and competes furiously. Overall, Askew is a very good wide receiver prospect in terms on skills and intangibles. (Baron Flenory)
OT | 6-5 / 285
Ryan (TX)
Pos Rank: 43
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/4/09
Committed Over: Arizona, Arkansas, Baylor, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: On film, Gramling seldomly takes false steps and gets great initial burst off of the line. He is very aggressive and plays with a mean streak once engaged in a block. He is a player that goes snap to whistle. He shows very good balance however, when getting up to backers Gramling hits the ground way to oftens. He needs to develop his angles of departure when cutting off players at the second because it is hard for him to stay with the block.
TE | 6-4 / 215
Hutto (TX)
Pos Rank: 22
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/19/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Missouri, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Texas
Scouting Report: Despite weight, Hicks excels in run blocking with great athleticism. Have decent hands in the passing game, but not a likely primary target on the college level. - Ahmard Vital, Scout.com
WR | 6-2 / 190
Dickinson (TX)
Pos Rank: 110
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 2/25/09
Committed Over: Baylor, North Texas, Rice
Scouting Report: As a wide receiver he has quick feet, can move and has big, soft hands to make the catch. He is surprisingly fast for his size and knows how to make blockers miss. He has split time between quarterback and wide receiver in his varsity career so it will take time for him to get the finer points of being a receiver.
CB | 6-9 / 185
Marshall (TX)
Pos Rank: 46
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 1/2/10
Committed Over: California, Florida State, Notre Dame, Oklahoma State, Oregon
Scouting Report: Big-bodied cornerback with quick feet and loose hips. Much bigger body wise than many corners, but technique and ability to break on balls keeps him in the play. Thrives in one-on-one coverage. Solid in the run game and is always looking to get physical. - Ahmard Vital, Scout.com
DT | 6-4 / 287
Evangel Christian (LA)
Pos Rank: 76
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/9/09
Committed Over: Alabama, LSU, Arkansas, Baylor, Colorado, Kansas State, Mississippi State, Tennessee, Virginia
Scouting Report: Jackson uses his hands well and is able to disengage and find the ball. Giving maximum effort on every play is something he will need to work on but when goes all out he can be very effective as a three-tech guy. He has a pretty good first step off the ball and his hand usage and footwork work well together. He has good strength and is able to take the double-team and still be a factor. - Sonny Shipp, Scout.com
OT | 7-6 / 288
Arlington (TX)
Scout300: 131
Pos Rank: 15
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/3/09
Committed Over: Arizona, Baylor, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Though Joeckel is big, he plays low and is always under control. The mark of a good lineman is the ability to stay on his feet and Joeckel rarely hits the ground. He moves his feet very. He is never over extended or out of position. He can lock on and stay on a block. He has very good footwork and he can execute all blocking schemes. He is athletic enough to get to the second level and cut off backers. - Alan Zepeda
QB | 6-4 / 215
Arlington (TX)
Pos Rank: 44
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/3/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, SMU, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Joeckel is much more comfortable when he has time to set and throw. He has great mechanics and is very accurate when he is comfortable in the pocket. He has a live arm and can make every throw. He zips the 10 yard out route perfectly and throws with good timing. He needs to work on the placement of his deep throws but on intermediate and underneath throws, Joeckel is on point. - Alan Zepeda
RB | 6-11 / 195
Denison (TX)
Pos Rank: 33
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 12/19/09
Committed Over: Kansas, Kansas State, Oklahoma, Oregon, SMU, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Jones runs with a low compact style between the tackles, and because of that he is able to bounce off of defenders and break long runs. He has exceptional balance, and his speed is above average. He does a great job of finding the holes and cutting to the open spaces on the field. He has good hands and is a weapon out of the backfield. - Alan Zepeda
RB | 6-2 / 200
Littleton (CO)
Pos Rank: 78
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 12/13/09
Committed Over: Arizona State, Colorado, Kansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Tennessee, Wyoming
Scouting Report: Has missed a lot of time due to injury and his durability will need to improve to be a successful college back but Jones is a physical specimen that could grow into a 220 pound back. Averaged 9 yards per carry in his HS career.
WR | 6-0 / 180
Cayuga (TX)
Pos Rank: 124
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 3/29/09
Committed Over: SMU, Stanford, Tulsa
Scouting Report: Speedy wide receiver who plays in different positions on offense including running back and as a slot receiver. He can do reverses and is great at the lob pass with his 42 inch vertical jump. Explosive speed allows him to get to the outside and stretch defenses which is shown on reverses.
OT | 7-6 / 285
Katy (TX)
Pos Rank: 33
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 3/7/09
Committed Over: Rice
Scouting Report: Great size for an offensive lineman, he is not very aggressive in his blocking. At this point he seems to be better at pass blocking because of his long arms and his ability to move. He has a great frame that will allow him to get to above 300 pounds easily.
RB | 6-8 / 200
Cedar Hill (TX)
Pos Rank: 26
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 3/29/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Kansas, Minnesota, Texas Tech, Tulsa, Wisconsin
Scouting Report: Using a combination of vision, elusiveness, and balance, Malena is rarely tackled by one defender. He makes people miss and knows how not to take unnecessary hits. Must work on top end speed and holding onto the football.
DT | 6-3 / 290
Blinn College (TX)
Pos Rank: JC
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 12/23/09
Committed Over: Houston
Scouting Report: Space eater on the inside, he does a great job of forcing double teams and causing multiple players to keep him in check. He has great size and can move, thus the double teams are needed. He does get caught up in the blocks and can't break free, but it is double teams and that is very tough. You can not run at him without risking a loss of yards in the play.
OG | 6-4.5 / 270
Lawrence E Elkins (TX)
Pos Rank: 1
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 7/28/09
Committed Over: Baylor, Florida, Oklahoma, Stanford, Texas, USC
Scouting Report: Matthews game translates well at the next level. He is elite because he has great athleticism, footwork, and technique. He is smart and understands the game so picking up a college level offensive scheme will not be hard for him. When he adds weight and strength, Matthews has the ability to be an All-American caliber player.
DE | 6-5 / 235
Rowlett (TX)
Pos Rank: 66
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/7/09
Scouting Report: Long and lean frame with long arms make him a good prospect on size alone. He knows how to use several different moves to get to the quarterback on pass rushes. Does not show a lot of strength in the upper body, he will need to get stronger. Needs to also improve on his explosiveness off the snap, he has good quickness after he gets going. Fast enough that he is on kick coverage teams. - Alan Zepeda
OT | 6-4 / 275
Allen (TX)
Scout300: 124
Pos Rank: 14
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 3/1/09
Committed Over: Arizona, Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Has a solid build, but will easily add size in college. He has a very powerfull upper body and uses his strength to punish opponents. Very good on run blocking where he uses his strength to coil up and knock opponents off balance. Needs some work on pass protection but he is okay in that category. Can get to the second level and be used to pull.
OLB | 6-0 / 210
Skyline (TX)
Pos Rank: 60
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 3/29/09
Committed Over: Iowa, Kansas State, LSU, Minnesota, Oklahoma
Scouting Report: He meets the six foot threshold you want at linebacker in division one schools, but he is off the charts when it comes to speed and quickness. Very athletic, he played running back on offense, he has the speed and quickness to make plays behind the line of scrimmage and to make up for any mistakes. Good instincts, he reads the plays and reacts taking good angles to the carrier. Lots of upside still on him. - Alan Zepeda
DE | 6-4 / 260
South Beauregard (LA)
Pos Rank: 137
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/17/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, Baylor, Louisiana Tech, LSU, Mississippi, Tennessee
Scouting Report: Robinson gets off the line quickly and he has enough lateral quickness to make plays on the perimeter but still needs to work on his agility. Creates a good push and gets into the backfield but will need to continue to get stronger as he takes a big step up in competition. He doesn't spend much time off his feet as he disengages well and makes a lot of plays in front of him. - Sonny Shipp
QB | 6-2 / 195
Shoemaker (TX)
Pos Rank: 27
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 11/16/08
Committed Over: Baylor, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech
Scouting Report: Has a rifle for an arm and can put some serious zip on a pass when needed. Needs to take some off the fastball on shorter routes rather than throwing the ball full force. Tough quarterback who played injured in the playoffs and still made some great plays. A little weak throwing to the flats but can wind up and throw the ball 50 yards when needed. Dangerous running the ball, he is a legitimate running threat at running back.
DE | 6-3 / 227
Franklin Senior (LA)
Pos Rank: 105
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 4/7/09
Committed Over: Arkansas, Louisiana, Louisiana Tech, LSU, Mississippi, Tulsa
Scouting Report: Stansbury has a nice frame that can carry more weight and he will need to get stronger to take on bigger guys at the next level. He can get after the passer and shows some moves at times but at other times will get caught up inside playing too high. Stansbury has a high ceiling and could be a very effective pass rusher in College Station.
CB | 6-8 / 175
Sharpstown (TX)
Pos Rank: 61
Committed to: TEXAS A&M
Commit Date: 3/22/09
Scouting Report: Solid size for a cornerback, his best strength is his speed and acceleration ability. He takes advantage of lesser opponents and gets pick-offs and big returns against them. Needs to step it up against stronger teams and players. Has the naturally ability to be big time, still is on the raw side when it comes to coverage. He can play man to man, he has the loose hips you want and has more than enough speed. - Alan Zepeda
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