Scout.com team basketball recruiting rankings are based on the Quality, Quantity and Potential of players committed to that school. We consider only players who have made a Verbal commitment to that school. We include high school, prep school, junior college, and transfer players in our overall rankings.

Quality: Maryland in 2002 was the first team in a long time to win the title without a McDonald's All-American on the roster. Translation: to win big you need the horses. Get one of our Top 25 players and we'll hand out the props.

Quantity: It's definitely a factor but to score big points, Scout.com would like to see quality mixed in with the quantity. We'll take a smaller recruiting class with top talent over a larger, lesser talented class any day.

Potential: One thing to consider when evaluating players is projecting room to grow. For instance, ask yourself a basic question: has player A peaked and maxed out his talent? Or is he a good player now who is on the upswing of his career? We evaluate a player's ability to max out his potential. What is his capacity for learning, growing within a college environment? What's his work ethic and overall drive?

Final Rankings: Though all recruits from the school's recruiting class are listed, some recruits will not matriculate. The final team rankings take into account this attrition of players.

Scout.com's player evaluations are made by our team of Recruiting Experts, who are out and about at high school, traveling team and camp events scouring the nation for talent year-round. This thorough analysis of players has made our Top 100 lists the best in the business. It's that kind of attention to detail in evaluation that drives our team rankings.

Scout.com's Recruiting Experts have made us the industry leader in recruiting coverage, player evaluation and rankings. Scout.com is serious about the business of basketball recruiting. Our national recruiting director Dave Telep spends months out of the year on the road and our staff sees the top players from every region of the country. Our staff is universally recognized as the most trusted source of recruiting information on the planet.