How does Scout come up with the player rankings?

Scout works from the grass roots and then reports up. We have a Team of Scouts around the country including local scouts that work smaller areas that submit their rankings to a regional manager. The regional manager will compile the rankings from the local scouts in his area then submit his compiled list to the National Editors. A final conference call between the regional managers and the national editors results in a compiled list of national rankings.

Team Rankings

Team Rankings are a math formula that based on a player's rating and his rankings. 5-Star is a rating, No. 1 quarterback is his ranking.

5 Star = 200 points
4 Star = 120 points
3 Star = 40 points
2 Star = 20 points

The No. 1 player at a position is worth 100 points, counting down to the last ranked player at his position to 0.

For Example, assuming Scout ranks 100 quarterbacks.

5-Star, No. 1 QB = 300 points
4-Star, No. 10 QB = 210 points
3-Star, No. 50 QB = 90 points
2-Star, No. 75 QB = 45 points

The position points are a 100 point sliding scale based on the total number of players ranked. Using the No. 100 for quarterbacks is just an example, very few positions have exactly 100 players ranked. 

The Team Rankings are compiled of the Top 25 players per class. Some teams will over-sign, but only 25 count towards the Team Rankings.

Only players who have been rated count towards the team rankings. Players who have yet to be rated don't towards the average star ranking. In this instance there may be eight players on a commitment list, but if only six are rated, the team rankings will show six commitments until stars are added to the player.

Scout's Scouts

For any questions regarding the compilation of individual and Team Rankings, please visit the Scouts on our Recruiting Message Board.