is being retired has been retired as a product testing site and replaced by new club sites that include contests, sweepstakes, product reviews and flash sales that give Members the opportunity to get free or nearly free products.

Enhanced Club Experience

The Scout team has been heads down throughout 2014 and early 2015 improving all our websites and merchandise programs. The result is a much better experience for all Members, whether you’re accessing a club site by desktop, tablet or mobile device. There continues to be new sweepstakes regularly, as well as new Members-only contests with serious prizes like this Photo Contest from the [FRIENDLYDOMAIN].

Members-only Flash Sales are an exciting new addition to the clubs. These limited-time, limited-quantity offers give Members the opportunity to receive low or no-cost items. Recent flash sales include the Digital Fish Scale that was offered by the [FRIENDLYDOMAIN] for free (+S&H) and the set of three Santoku Knives that was just offered by the [FRIENDLYDOMAIN] to its Members. There will be many more to come!

If you haven’t been able to take advantage of these flash sales because they were sold out, have no fear. As a past StuffStuff participant, we'll put you at the front of the line with a pre-sale email 24 hours in advance of the next six offers.

Whether you're grabbing an item you’ve always wanted, or finding something awesome in the Scout Store, we hope you share your product opinions with others by writing a review. Keep an eye out for other exciting opportunities as we continue to expand the benefits of being a Member!

Thank You.

The Scout Team