Breaking down the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, plus X-Men Apocalypse

In the latest episode of the WFNY Podcast, Craig Lyndall and Chris Clem break down the Cavaliers vs. Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. They also go a little too deep in a discussion of the latest X-Men movie.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are ready to face the Golden State Warriors and Chris Clem is here to talk about that and the latest X-Men movie. 

Here are the rest of the things we discussed.

  • Who have the Golden State Warriors played?
  • Dion Waiters is the fourth or fifth best player on the Thunder
  • The Cavaliers offensive rating is undersold
  • The Cavaliers should be underdogs, but they definitely have a chance
  • What would you do if the Cavs lost game one by 37 points?
  • Glad that people catching up to Steph Curry
  • X-Men is an X-Men movie
  • Everyone changes and Wolverine stays the same
  • Charles Xavier and the dramatic way he lost his hair
  • What's the next big sequel series

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