Anderson Varejao and the Golden State Warriors Evil Plan

Losing Anderson Varejao was tough for Cavalier fans; having him sign with the Warriors was tougher. But was it Varejao chasing a ring? Or was something more sinister happening?

It was a tough day when the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Anderson Varejao in order to obtain Channing Frye from the Orlando Magic. We didn't know how Frye would work out, and we were sad to lose a fan favorite in Andy.

We've seen that Frye has been a valuable addition to the Cavs, but we all know what happened next to our beloved big man as he signed with Golden State, our hated foes from the NBA Finals last year. The move made sense at the time. Varejao was just chasing a ring—why wouldn't he sign with a team poised to make regular season history? But this might not be the whole story.

What transpired next just shows you the depth of evil that lurks in Oakland, a team so evil that they went out of their way to hurt Cavaliers fans with what they did. They went from being champions to becoming the Evil Empire. The video above says it all.

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