Breaking down the Cleveland Cavaliers Game 1 loss to the Golden State Warriors

You've heard all the hot takes and "expert" opinions. Isn't it time you listened to two Cavaliers fans discuss the game while sitting in a car in a parking lot in suburban Cleveland Ohio?

The Cleveland Cavaliers dropped Game 1 of the 2016 NBA Finals to the Golden State Warriors. Is it time to panic? Do the Cavaliers have a chance to come back in the series? Did either team play anything close to their best game? We discuss all the action and what to expect looking forward as LeBron James and the Cavaliers continue their battle with Steph Curry and the Warriors.

The day after the Cleveland Cavaliers' opening game loss to the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, Brian Spaeth and I met up to discuss it. We used my fancy new mobile recording rig to capture it in the comfort of my automobile. In addition to discussing the Cavs, we also talked about people we were seeing in the parking lot, mid-life crises, and also the new X-Men movie. If you know anything about Brian you knew he would have strong opinions about that film.

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