Kevin Love off the bench, Lil Wayne, and the Indians' draft pick: While We're Waiting

It's the day of the Cavaliers' fourth NBA Finals game and I'm here to help pass the time until it starts at nine. We talk Kevin Love, Indians draft, weight loss, and Lil Wayne.

It's amazing what the week turns into when the Cavaliers win just one game. I think we should do an experiment where we see what happens when the Cavaliers just win the whole damn thing. Let's see if it feels secondary to a Browns Super Bowl. (It won't.) Let's see if it feels far away from a Tribe World Series win. (It won't.) But you, know, let's see what happens, for science! It starts tonight, but until then...

Kevin Love will probably come off the bench and that's just fine...

Jason Lloyd of the ABJ reports that he's heard Kevin Love is expected to play and will come off the bench.

I've talked a lot about Kevin Love and how the Cleveland Cavaliers are at their best when he's healthy and available. The rest is a coaching decision and none of us can do any better than guess what would be best for the team. As an outsider, guessing is the best you can ever do. Ty Lue, Kevin Love, and the rest of the Cavaliers are the only ones who know what will make them feel the best heading into Game 4. And honestly once the first rotation is over and the subs start coming in, what's the difference anyway? The guys who are playing well and give the Cavaliers production will continue to get minutes.

At least the Indians finally solved that right-handed bat issue... wait...

The Cleveland Indians have been searching for a solution to their right-handed power bat for a really long time. That's why they finally did it! In the first round of the draft this year, they finally did it! From the Indians' press release.

Benson, who will turn 18 on June 16, is a high school prospect who attended The Westminster Schools in Atlanta, Georgia. The 6-foot-6, 220-pound athlete played in 35 games across his senior season for the Wildcats, batting .454 (44-97) with 11 doubles, 8 home runs, 41 RBI and a 1.380 OPS (.566 OBP/.814 SLG). The left-handed batter and thrower also drew 29 walks against 11 strikeouts, going 11-for-12 in stolen base attempts.

What? Left-handed batter and thrower? Not even a switch hitter? Stupid Dolans!

(Yes, this was a joke. No, you shouldn't draft soon-to-be 18-year-old players for need.)

An anniversary of sorts...

I've probably told this story before between the website and the podcast, but I'm going to do it again because it's been six years this Tuesday. June 7, 2010 is the date that I finally decided I was sick of being unhealthy. My son was born in April of 2010 and I woke up one day realizing that I wasn't really meant to be 225 pounds. I had an influential friend who was even bigger than I ever was and made a change. He inspired me that I could do it too. Anyway, enough words. Here are the pictures to prove it.

This was me in May of 2010 with my wife. My son was about one month old.

One month later, I started counting calories and got back to jogging. I ate approximately 1200 calories per day and exercised. Some days it was just a mile or two. Others it was four or five miles. I lost nine pounds in the first week and I was hooked. This was me five months later in November actually wearing the same sweater and holding my seven month old at 163 pounds.

Eventually I got all the way down to 155 which was way too skinny. I put about 10 pounds back on and I think I've actually averaged right around 165 for the better part of the last four years. It's an anniversary that really makes me proud of myself, but it's also a stark reminder to keep it up. Whenever I think about this, it's not a victory lap, because you never finish the race. Like any other addiction or bad habit, you have to change your life. It's an anniversary that is part of a system of self-accountability that I've created that will keep me from ever becoming the big guy ever again. Hopefully. Anyway, one last photo to show 2016. This was the Toronto series, again with my wife, who is a saint and my greatest advocate.

Your weekly moment of soccer zen...

Before we get to the zen, as a small addition to the previous section, I played soccer last night in a pickup game and not enough people showed up. It was indoor with walls, so no breaks for the balls to go out of bounds or anything. We played for 60 minutes straight and I decided to wear my Fitbit. Just so you know, I wasn't anywhere near the best player on the field, but I was easily the most willing to run. In 60 minutes I did over 8400 steps according to my Fitbit. Lots of fun.

Anyway, these guys are real soccer players, and they did this amazing counter-attack for a score.

This week I'm featuring a song by Lil Wayne... For real...

Some of you may know that I do some minor editing for the A to Z Podcast and they teach me about music. I knew who One Direction was, but until they associated "Story of My Life" with Ray Farmer I really didn't know who they were. Well add another one to the list after I cut in a song by Lil Wayne. I mean everyone's heard of Lil Wayne, but I couldn't name a single song or sing a bar or lyric of one of his songs. Until now, that is. He apparently made a Cavs song. 

Is this acceptable in hip-hop or is this kind of cheesy? I know for a fact that a rock band couldn't do this and be taken seriously. Ever heard Scott Stapp's "Marlins Will Soar?" Look it up. I'm not linking it. I will, however, link Lil Wayne.

Enjoy! Go Cavs.

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