Cleveland Browns Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown met with Golden State General Manager Bob Myers

While the Golden State Warriors were in Cleveland playing the Cavs, Sashi Brown took the time to meet with Golden State's GM to get some helpful hints.

The start of the NFL regular season may be a few months away, but the new Cleveland Browns front office and coaching staff seems to be doing all the right things to give their team the best chance to win heading into 2016. That trend continued last week, when the Golden State Warriors were in town playing the Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. With the Dubs in Cleveland, Browns Vice President of Football Operations Sashi Brown decided to meet with Warriors General Manager Bob Myers to learn some things from one of the best GMs in the NBA, per Bay Area KNBR's Kevin Jones, who previously wrote for

Myers, who has been the main conductor of a Warriors team who had an NBA record 73 regular season wins and could possibly lock up their second consecutive NBA title this week. He not only has had plenty of good drafts, but has also made all the right off-season moves to give his team the best chance to win the championship. In 2015, Myers labeled as having built the "next influential team model" by CBS Sports for what he has built in Golden State. He not only has drafted plenty of stars, including Splash Brothers Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, but Myers has also made the Warriors arguably the deepest team in the league, with plenty of former lottery picks and All Stars on the bench as well.

The NBA and NFL may be two completely different sports, especially considering one sport has a much bigger roster than the other, but it seems as though Brown is just trying to get some helpful hints to try and learn as much as he can and make the most intelligent decisions he can make in terms of being of the guys in the front office. Whether it's analytics, bringing a MLB personnel over to the NFL, or just the fact that the Browns front office is trying to bring something new to the league, the Browns are talking to the best of the best in order to take helpful hints from everyone and everything they can.

It may be the off-season, but Brown and company know that the city of Cleveland wants a winning football team, and they seem to be taking all the right steps in order to be the most successful. Hopefully this time, they will make all the right decisions on and off the field to (finally) have a competitive football team on the shores of Lake Erie.

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