The Cleveland Cavaliers want to know if you can handle a Game 7

Father's Day is upon us, and Craig has some ideas about Father's Day Best Practices.

I don't even know what to say this morning after attending Game 6 of the NBA Finals, but I'll give it a shot.

The game was absolutely incredible and easily the best sporting event I have ever attended. The Cleveland Cavaliers struck first. They lost the second and third quarters. We saw another iconic performance by LeBron James. I felt like I was back in time singing Steph Curry farewell from the building as he fouled out before earning an ejection. Draymond Green even received a tried and true Cleveland chant of "A$%#OLE."  It was everything you've ever wanted from a home playoff game and more. Dave Sterling and I were piling up the stats as we high fived as many complete and total strangers as we could find. The only problem is that it's not over yet. After the unbridled jubilation had subsided, the Game 7 consternation started to creep in. Are you ready?


The Cavaliers have won in Oakland, but we have no idea what it's going to be like this time. It is a little bit crazy that Steph Curry fouled out. Steve Kerr earned a hefty fine in the post-game as well, so what will await us in Oracle? The Cavaliers have been able to strike first on defense, largely due to playing physical. In the NBA playoffs, that physical style almost always benefits the team in the lead and hurts the team trying to claw their way back into the game. Will the Cavs be allowed to play that way on Sunday with the season on the line in Steph Curry's house? Klay Thompson is pure insanity from beyond the three-point line. Will the Cavaliers be able to keep him contained and/or outscore him? 

This Father's Day, I have no idea what I'm going to do with myself waiting for that game to start. I have no idea what I should do for the game itself at 8:00 p.m. Should I go to the watch party at the Q (even though it should have been at Progressive Field)? Should I find a friendly bar with my friends? Should I try to have friends over to my house? I kind of want to be alone, but it is also the last thing I want. The only thing I know for sure is that I want it to get here. I want the Cavaliers to shock the world and bring home the hardware.

Did you see my J.R. Smith video?

Part of the Scout thing involves video and I'm really trying to have some fun with it. I hope I'm making the kinds of videos that will at least entertain, if not also inform. :-) This one was on the story about J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers opting out of the second year of his contract.

My philosophies about Father's Day...

Let me be the first to wish all the dads out there a Happy Father's Day the Friday before. And hopefully you'll grant me this little rant.

Father's Day is a great day to honor all the dads out there, but it's important to remember the name of the holiday when planning the celebration. I bring this up because I've seen a lot of people looking forward to celebrating Father's Day by getting to spend their day away from the family and doing things that they want to do solo. I get that to some extent, especially for all you golfers out there. Within reason, it's alright. I don't think it's unreasonable for you guys to schedule a round of golf on Father's Day away from the family. I don't play golf anymore, so my version is the Towpath Ten Miler that I'm running on Saturday morning at 8 a.m. That's been the Father's Day gift to myself for the past five years or so. But after that race and after a nice long shower, the rest of my day is spent doing something with the family. After that golf round, it's time to get in some family time.

This is the kind of conversation that coincides with those jokes about dads watching their own kids and calling it "babysitting." It's funny and all, but it's funny because it's supposed to be ludicrous. I'm not trying to claim that I'm an equal partner in the parenting department either. I've always given my wife credit as the "project lead" in the parenting department. The whole "breastfeeding" thing dictates a lot of that early on with babies, but her leadership has continued to show even after the kids were weaned. Still, I think we need to have a conversation about Father's Day and what it does and doesn't mean for all you other dads out there, because I've got some cause for concern. In order to celebrate Father's Day, you should get some "me time," and maybe you should get to direct the activities, but if you're not spending your Father's Day being a father, I think you're kind of doing it wrong.

And a note to you Grandfathers who are also (obviously) fathers, you're entitled to a phone call now, and everything else is bonus. I love my father and mother, but now that I'm also a father and am married to a mother, my responsibilities shifted. It's not personal, but it is the way it is. Please understand that it's not meant to diminish your value as a father, but it's kind of a graduation to a new level. You get all the benefits of being a grandparent to those kids without the same levels of responsibilities. Know that those responsibilities are what's making that phone call or text the new standard rather than a more substantial celebration.

Or at least that's the way I think about Father's Day in the current moment as a father of two boys, aged three and six. Let me know if you think of it differently or think I'm doing some of it wrong.

WFNY Father's Day Contest

Also, please don't forget that WFNY is hosting a Father's Day contest. Yes, you can still enter.

Any format will be accepted. The only stipulation is that you keep it under 250 words and can be as short as you want. So, tell us about your dad or about being a dad and be as creative, emotional, or silly as you want. Plus, three entries will receive a prize, and who doesn't love free stuff.

How to send in your entry?

  1. Email
  2. Tweet including "#WFNYFathersDay" w/ your entry attached as a picture (or in the text if it is short enough)
  3. Post in the WFNY Forum attached to this post.

Your weekly moment of soccer zen...

It's not a highlight of an on-field play. It's a highlight of the USMNT's response to the tragic shooting that occurred in Orlando recently.

Music of the week by Band of Horses...

Band of Horses has had a bit of an up and down career, but I prefer to define them by their best moments. And that patience has paid off with the release of their new album "Why Are You Ok," which brings the band back to a form that should please most fans. One of the highlights of the album is the single, "In A Drawer" that features J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. on the record. I just love Ben Bridwell's voice so much. There's no J. Mascis on this live version from the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, but it's still really good. Those harmonies!

Have the happiest of Father's Days everybody. Go Cavs!

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