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You are the champions: Father's Day Contest reader winners

The WFNY Father's Day contest is complete and here are the reader winners.

Champions. Has a nice ring to it though it is not a term utilized much over the past 52 years or so in the Northeastern Ohio corridors. Well, the winds of change are about as not only did the Cleveland Cavaliers complete a historic comeback to defeat the all-time regular season champion Golden State Warriors, but you, the reader, have winners in your midst as well. WFNY held a contest seeking stories and poems to honor everything that is great about being a father.

The first contest winner wrote a fantastic emotional haiku that was disclosed in the WFNY Father's Day newsletter. If you are not receiving the WFNY newsletter, then you are missing out. So, click the link and subscribe so you can have it just placed gently in your inbox from now on.

So, we hope you had a great Father's Day. If you are a fan of the Cavs (or Cleveland in general), then the odds are it was pretty otherworldly. Enjoy the upcoming parade and enjoy these winning dad entries.

If your entry was selected as one of the winners, then you have already been contacted by WFNY and you will receive your Very Important Award. It could be a boat!

Best Prose

Our teeball league was co-ed full of first graders (I guess the term now is rising second graders).  It was the bottom of the seventh, and we were tied with the team that was a juggernaut for the whole season. The coach was a drill sergeant, and his son ended up getting drafted by the Expos out of high school (but played for OU).  Point being, this family took baseball very seriously, even back then.

Anyway, it's the bottom of the seventh (and last) inning. We were tied.  Somehow, we ended up loading the bases, and I was up to bat.  At the time, there was a girl playing catcher. The opposing coach, anticipating a play at the plate, called time. He moved the girl from catcher to first base and moved the first baseman behind the plate.  So, my Dad called me over to the backstop.  He told me "hit the ball right between her f*-ing legs".  I hit a grounder just a few feet inside the 1B line, and it went right through the wickets. I ended up on third base, and we won 9-6.
-Maxwell Johnson

Best Poem

My father took me the the Finals game 3
Experiencing that with him meant a lot to me
He didnt care about the game, my happiness was him aim
And thats why hes the best dad that could ever be

This limerick is about my Dad Jim Ralston the best dad a guy could ask for.
-Alexander Ralston

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