LeBron James spoke to fans who gathered outside his home on Monday

An admittedly tired LeBron James took a few moments to speak to fans who gathered outside his home on Monday afternoon near Akron.

LeBron James has a special bond with his home region, but it's an extra special bond the closer you get to Akron. Clearly and admittedly tired while still wearing the Ultimate Warrior t-shirt that he wore as he got off the Cleveland Cavaliers plane at the I-X Center, LeBron grabbed a mic for a somewhat makeshift celebration out in front of the palatial home he built in Bath Township. LeBron James mentioned Northeast Ohio before dropping what's become a signature phrase about being just "a kid from Akron" to the delight of the gathered fans.

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The celebrations will continue on Wednesday as the Cavaliers will parade around downtown Cleveland, but they won't finish there. LeBron will be on hand in Akron on Thursday afternoon for yet another celebration in the epicenter of LeBron's local impact. The event takes place at Lock 3 in Akron at 8 pm and rather than celebrating the Cavaliers and their win as a team, this is for LeBron and the city he was born and raised.

When will the celebrations stop? Technically, probably after Thursday, at least for the time being. Don't fret Cavs fans. There will still be a ring ceremony and a banner raising!

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