LeBron James confirms he's coming back to the Cleveland Cavaliers

As LeBron James and the Cavaliers were set to parade around Cleveland, LeBron put all speculation to rest about his future.

LeBron James' career has been filled with a lot of drama, especially with relation to his employment. Well, this is set to be a drama-free summer - at least in terms of LeBron James' free agency - after the Cavaliers star and champ confirmed today that he will be back to help the Cleveland Cavaliers defend their new title.

I won't say that this was ever much in doubt, but the speculation wasn't completely quiet. Even this morning on ESPN with Mike and Mike, Chris Broussard couldn't keep himself from discussing LeBron James and Kevin Durant going to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers. He didn't even pretend that it was a likely possibility, but it still came up and was discussed. In fairness to Broussard, this was the tweet summary from that part of the conversation.

Meanwhile in Cleveland, LeBron James and his family are greeting an unprecedented number of Cleveland fans who have flocked to the city. A great day in the city of Cleveland is that much better.

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