Cavs forward Richard Jefferson reconsiders his retirment talks at championship rally

Another in-the-moment decision leads Richard Jefferson to tell Cleveland Cavalier fans that he'll come back for one more season.

Emotions tend to get the best of us at times, and it appears Richard Jefferson is no different. Though the long-time NBA forward said he was going to retire following the Cleveland Cavaliers' Game 7 victory over the Golden State Warriors, Jefferson has done a bit of waffling over the last few days, culminating in one of the most Cleveland moments in recent history.

When Jefferson was given his moment to speak at the team's championship rally on Wednesday afternoon, he was greeted with chants of "One more year!" from the hundreds of thousands of fans packing on the city's Mall B. Jefferson turned to ask some of his teammates what they thought, whether or not the 36-year-old should return for another shot at the biggest prize in the NBA—Kyrie Irving shook his head. Then in the moment, feeding off of the fans, Jefferson said that he would in fact return for another season with the team.

Pay special attention to LeBron James' face in the video above, the four-time MVP seemingly bewildered that the man he calls "Dick Jefferson" would not only reverse course, but negotiate his future right then and there.

 A lot of players at the final years of their career have come and gone throughout the years in Cleveland, but few have struck such an appreciation from the fans. What Jefferson does do remains to be seen. A substantial part of what the Cavaliers did throughout the NBA Finals, there is no denying that he will have a spot on this roster if he chooses to return this offseason. Given that the salary cap is expected to skyrocket, Jefferson would be wise to consider the Cavalier fans' wishes.

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