Brendan Bowers on his new Cleveland Cavaliers championship book, "Cleveland is King": WFNY Podcast

The Cleveland Cavaliers got over the hump to win a championship. We discuss Brendan Bowers' new book which chronicles the Cavs' title.

Brendan Bower is an old-timey WFNY'er. He was on the old weekend crew, in addition to writing at Stepien Rules and SLAM. Now, he's written a Cleveland championship book, "Cleveland is King!" We talked about that and a whole lot more about the Cleveland Cavaliers in the latest WFNY Podcast. 

The book is available at Amazon and at Triumph books.

We discuss the process of writing a championship book that's released right after a championship. We discussed the changing of Cavaliers narratives. Finally we discussed the Cavaliers off-season and what it might be like to bring this entire team back to defend the title.

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