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After pitching five innings of relief, Trevor Bauer is ready to start tomorrow

Cleveland Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer pitched five innings of hero ball in a 19-inning win. He wants to start the following day.

Trevor Bauer started the season out in the bullpen, but he's been doing great stuff as a starter of late. He got pushed back into relief work thanks to a marathon affair in Toronto on Canada Day. The Cleveland Indians ended up winning - THEIR 14th GAME IN A ROW - in 19 innings after more than six hours of baseball. Carlos Santana hit a homer as Trevor Bauer pitched five innings of relief for the win. After the game he spoke with Indians traveling bench reporter Andre Knott, who asked Bauer if he'd be ready for his start the following day. 

Bauer's response was amazing. 

Andre: "You think they're going to start you tomorrow?"

Bauer: "Hope so."

The best thing about Bauer's response? I'm pretty sure the man with the unorthodox training techniques really thinks he could do it and would look forward to Terry Francona letting him try.

Bauer pitched five innings and threw 83 pitches. Remember that Trevor Bauer is the same guy who once said - in complete seriousness - that he could throw 200 pitches after throwing 119 in a game.

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