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Kyrie Irving says the Cavs' championship hasn't fully sunk in

Given the magnitude of the Cleveland Cavaliers' championship, it's not far-fetched to see why it hasn't fully set in for one of the series' heroes.

It has been almost one month since the Cleveland Cavaliers delivered a championship, topping the record-setting Golden State Warriors, but for one player, the full reality has yet to set in. Kyrie Irving sat down with Complex Magazine for a quick rewind of the last few weeks, and what the point guard sees for the future, but says that the whirlwind of the last several weeks—media obligations, Team USA, yacht parties—hasn't really allowed for everything to quite sink in.

Here's Irving in his interview with Zach Frydenlund:

I wouldn't say the historic part has sunk in. I would say that the actual championship has set in. The way we did it—coming back from 3-1—hasn't necessarily sunk in because it took everything that I've ever had to give to the game of basketball in order to win that [championship]. So I don't think it's fully sunk in, but probably in a week or two...

The relationships that I've built with my mentors, my friends, my family, they knew exactly what happened in the last year. From everything. They all knew. I couldn't even get back to everyone, but the people that I got back to knew how special it all was. I'm glad my family, friends, and fans got a chance to witness what happened.

Irving goes on to say that, despite the Warriors adding Kevin Durant to the fold (and the Cavs having the second best odds at winning the 2016-17 championship) that he does not see himself, or the Cavaliers, as underdogs. That said, the Cavs were underdogs entering the NBA Finals, turned into massive ones when they were down 3-1 with Game 5 on the road, and once again during a decisive Game 7 matchup at Oracle Arena that ended with Irving hitting a game-winning three-pointer over outstretched hand of the unanimous MVP.

As Irving says, "All that noise was great. It just added fuel to the fire."

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