Ohio State basketball head coach Thad Matta opened up about the four freshmen who transferred

Thad Matta opened up about four of his five freshmen transferring for the first time. Spoiler: He's not pleased.

For the first time since four of five freshman from his 2015 recruiting class decided to transfer during and after the 2015-16 season, Ohio State Buckeyes men's basketball coach Thad Matta opened up about said players, all of whom decided to transfer for unspecified reasons. While speaking at the Joe Mortellaro Golf Classic at the Scioto Reserve Country Club.

From This Week Sports:

Here's the full transcript:

"I like the guys we've got in here. We're going through a transition where we lost three guys. After the Florida game this year, I told our guys two things after the game. Number one, I'm tired of the B.S. I'm going to coaching basketball. I'm going back to running this program the way we did when we got here. The second thing is, some of you are going to transfer. You don't know it yet, but whatever you do—don't come see me. Just shoot me a text, because I'm tired of looking at you. And we got rid of some guys we needed to get rid of. We got rid of problems, but we kept solutions."

The 2015 recruiting class that consisted of Austin Grandstaff, JaQuan Lyle, Mickey Mitchell, Daniel Giddens, and A.J. Harris was considered a Top 5 class according to many outlets. Now, only Lyle remains on the Buckeyes basketball team following their first season. For what it's worth, the four transfers, although they showed plenty of potential, did not perform as one of the top classes in the country.

While four of the five may have decided to leave Columbus, Matta ripped on some of them, saying that the team now doesn't have as many problems as they did last season. Whether it was in the locker room or on the court, the head coach made it known that the team may have experienced some addition by subtraction.

The 2015-16 resulted in an abysmal 21-14 record for the Buckeyes, the scarlet and gray's worst since Matta became the head coach prior to the 2004 season. Although they were extremely young (and are again this upcoming season), the head coach has a solid track record since arriving in Columbus. If the team and players and continue to develop, the 2016-17 basketball Buckeyes will be much better and will look to compete for a spot in the NCAA Tournament.

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