Where Cleveland Week Never Ends: While We're Waiting...

Cleveland is in the spotlight, and we should all try and take a break soon.

For we, the Clevelanders, Cleveland week never ends. For others, I'm sure it's reached a point where many wish it would. It's been a long time coming that Cleveland got its spot in the spotlight. Thanks to LeBron James and the RNC, we've had quite a blitz over the past few months. Much like I grew tired of the #HappyinCLE hashtag, even I've had just about enough of us smelling ourselves all over social media. Much like when we get a bit too much exposure to one celebrity, it's just about time for Cleveland to take some advice that Kevin Hart never will: Let's just chill and be invisible for a while, if we can. But before that...

We did it!

Exhale everyone. Whether you enjoyed Donald Trump's speech or not, it was reminiscent of some of the marathon hall of fame inductions we hear at Canton on an annual basis. The RNC was supposed to wrap up at 11:00 p.m. last night, and here was The Donald continuing his boisterous missive, seemingly on a mission to take us past midnight. Whatever. We made it. 

http://www.scout.com/cleveland-sports/story/1688039-displaced-by-the-rncIt was a pretty good week for Cleveland with the RNC. I know with all that's happened around the country over the last few months it was a scarier proposition to host the convention than anyone might have thought it would be when Cleveland won the right to reface this town. When the RNC was won for Cleveland, most of us had images of much more boring candidates that inspired far less emotion than someone like Donald Trump. Even with a higher profile and undoubtedly controversial candidate, the Cleveland police, fire, and contributing departments from around the region did a bang up job, based on the results. I know I'm far from the only one saying things like this, but it gives me a lot of pride in our citizens and all the professionals that stepped up and made Cleveland look good.

I don't know if we can disappear because of the Indians

Despite my desire to slink off into anonymity for a minute, the Cleveland Indians might not allow us to do that. Granted, even if the Indians did make the playoffs and found themselves in the World Series, it wouldn't be the same as the NBA Finals. It would be ginormous nonetheless. 

http://www.scout.com/cleveland-sports/story/1687195-it-s-cleveland-weekAs I write this, I'm unsure what the Indians will do to help grease their path to the playoffs, but I'm not as anxious as I might have thought. I think the Indians have some clear desires, but they aren't the same needs we've seen in the past. It would be lovely to add a bullpen arm or another bat. I don't think you can count much on Michael Brantley this year, unfortunately. I know the bullpen hasn't inspired nearly as much confidence as the starting rotation. However, this year's Indians team seems to find answers and I think they can continue to find them.

It would be great if they increased their odds of finding solutions by trading for something, but I don't put this on the level of desperation. I am kind of shocked by my own chill level at this point, but that's kind of where I am right now. If I had my pick, I would opt for a smaller move that does just enough to inspire confidence in the locker room that the Indians' brass believes in this team. I wouldn't trade one of the higher profile prospects, I don't think. 

Really great Cleveland Week Podcast with @Netw3rk

I was fortunate enough to get Jason Concepcion (@netw3rk) from The Ringer to jump on the WFNY Podcast to discuss Cleveland Week. It was a really fun conversation that I think you should check out in case you missed it.

Weekly moment of soccer zen...

Forget zen. This is anti-zen, but I could use a good blooper this week. This is being described as the worst own goal of all time by many. Poor goalkeeper.


Sigur Ros because Sigur Ros is Sigur Ros

Sometimes I'm in the mood for Sigur Ros. It's one of the most important bands in my lifetime for a variety of reasons, but most of all, it's like glue for my life. It's such great soundtrack music no matter what you're going through, and when you walk around and reference the songs in your head, it's about the most cinematic soundtrack you could ever imagine for your life. That's reason enough to finish off with them this week. Hope everyone has a great one.

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