C-L-E 4 Me Unveiling

C-L-E 4 Me is here, here is what you can expect.

Cleveland, Ohio is the center of the sports world.

You read that right.

Cleveland, Ohio is the center of the sports world.

Wow, it is great.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are your NBA Champions.

The Cleveland Indians are in the World Series with a good chance to win the MLB Championship.

The Cleveland Browns are, well read the last two lines about the Cavs and Indians.

Actually, the Browns have a coach that many teams wanted, seem to have drafted well this season and have a plethora of draft picks moving forward. Far better than in years past.

The Ohio State Buckeyes have always been Cleveland's college team even with some local love for Cleveland State and other regional schools, the C-L-E has always been Buckeye born, Buckeye bred and Buckeye till we are dead.

Even UFC Champion Stipe Miocic is a proud Cleveland area native while Pro Wrestlers like Dolph Ziggler, The Miz, Dana Brooke, Johnny Gargano and others are from Cleveland.

The Cleveland Monsters also brought home their league's championship, the Calder Cup, this year.

Foodies will tell you that the Cleveland food scene is also championship level with people like Michael Symon, Jonathon Sawyer and Rocco Whalen.

Cleveland is rich with some amazing things. The negative narrative, the Factory of Sadness, the Mistake by the Lake, all of it is done, buried and gone for good. 

This is the C-L-E and this, and much more, is what the C-L-E 4 Me is excited to cover. So many great things. So many positive stories. So many opportunities.

Cleveland also has some great media coverage. Some within the mainstream media do an amazing job of covering the teams while engaging with the fans. To name a few of the best, Joe Vardon and Jason Lloyd cover the Cavs very well. Zack Meisel, Nick Camino and others cover the Tribe very well. Hayden Grove has joined mainstream media recently and is all over the place.

It has actually been the little guys in Cleveland media that have really made their mark. Fear the Sword's Cavs coverage, Dawgs By Nature and Dawg Pound Daily's Browns coverage, Let's Go Tribe's Indians coverage and Waiting For Next Year's comprehensive coverage have all engaged the new era of sports media in a personal and professional way.

Here on Scout Media, The OBR has been doing great Browns coverage for 20 years, ever since the days as Bernie's Insiders. The Wine and Gold Report is new but Fred Greetham is a pro's pro. Indians Baseball Insiders with Tony Lastoria and his guys do a great job covering the Tribe. Buckeye Sports makes sure we are up to date on tOSU.

Scout Media saw an opportunity to give comprehensive coverage of all the Cleveland sports teams but with a little something more. The Buckeyes are a huge part of our heartbeat in Cleveland but there is so much more to the city than that. Scout wants to tap into all of that.

Today is the unveiling of the C-L-E 4 Me. I have come to agreement with Scout Media to be the Publisher of the site and put together a team to represent both Scout, Cleveland and me, all of which are important.

The team is a group of folks that I personally have been connected to for years. Some have worked for or with me. Others have been versions of competition or consistently engaged in my work. These are folks that I trust to represent me and especially to represent Cleveland.

The team will change, grow and develop as we go. For now, how we grow is part of the excitement.

We will have The Real Bob Evans whose passion to bring creativity and engagement with sports fans is at the highest level. Two guys in Mike and Stephen who are addicted to Mock Drafts even as one works in local media and the other is a professional comedian. With Delly gone, two Australians continue to present for the Cavs and now for us. There with be The Other Jared and our own Mac and our own Dom.

We also will curate some of the great material from the other Scout sites to become your be all, end all for the sports you love while adding our own special spin to everything.

We don't want to just be your standard site but we have no plans to try too hard to be something "different" just to be different. We will passionately invest in the sports, food, culture and the rest to the best of our ability.

We hope you come along for the ride. We hope that this site will be for you so much that you will find yourself thinking "This is 4 Me."

As the City of Cleveland launches as the center of the sports world tomorrow, today the C-L-E 4 Me launches as your place for everything connected to Cleveland and The Ohio State University.

Off to the Future,

Jared K. Mueller
Publisher - Scout Media
C-L-E 4 Me

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