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Cleveland Browns Groundhog Day Experience

As Cleveland Browns fans prepare for another week, how can they deal with the Groundhog Day-like experience?

 For most Browns fans 16 weeks of the year Sunday feels like Groundhog Day.  Yes, that silly movie from way back in the early 90’s staring Bill Murray parallels in many ways the plight we as Browns fans share.  Murray’s character is a reporter that finds himself stuck living the same day over and over again covering the story of the famous weather predicting Groundhog.  He slowly begins to hate his life. 

   For Browns fans Sundays have become some sort of sick repetition of winless, joy stealing, football emptiness.  We all cope with the decades of Browns ridiculous ineptitude in different ways.  Some of us violently take it out on the “Needlenose Neds” of our lives.  Some of us consider grand schemes of how we will end our Browns fandom.  Over the years and the decades one of the things that is supposed to bring joy and release from life’s real problems begins itself to be a burden.  Yet, we Browns fans wake up every morning not just hoping for a new day, but for change.   

     In the midst of Murray’s character’s battle to regain control of his life and change his own reality, he starts making the best of his situation.  Rather than giving into the perils of the situation he finds himself in, he begins to search for the best in people and does his best to improve the lives of those around him.  In Murray’s new found outlook he realizes that it’s not about the circumstances that life deals us, it’s how we choose to view them. 

     Negativity breeds negativity and we can choose to live in that state of mind about our Browns or we can choose to try and find joy and positivity in some of the things the Browns are doing.  Things like the emergence of a “tough as nails” rookie quarterback who’s performed well above anyone’s expectations.  The pass rush abilities of rookies Emmanuel Ogbah and Carl Nassib  The resurrection of the careers of Danny Shelton and Isaiah Crowell. Terrelle Pryor, a college and NFL QB, turning into a legit number one wide receiver right before our eyes.  The fact that this team has fought tooth and nail despite being undermanned.

     No one said it would be easy and no doubt there’s going to be more Groundhog Sundays before this Browns season’s end.  It may require a little extra effort, but I’d encourage you to look for the positives this Browns season has to offer.  In these positives you’ll certainly find more happiness, and who knows, maybe just maybe, one of these Sundays we’ll wake up and the Cleveland Browns Groundhog Day will be over.

How do you choose to deal with these Groundhog Sundays?


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