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Kyle Korver's Injury Cleveland Cavaliers Biggest Concern

While LeBron's minutes and injuries to Kyrie, Love and J.R. have had many concerned, It is the sweet shooting Kyle Korver that is the biggest concern.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have mostly slept walked through the season at times. Whether due to Championship hangover, injuries or the general belief in their ability to "flip the switch," the Cavs haven't been functioning at a high level.

They currently have a 1.5 game lead over the Boston Celtics and some fans are worried what it might mean if the Cavs don't get the #1 seed in the Eastern Conference.

Don't be.

The Cavs lost Kevin Love for a few weeks due to a knee injury and some fans were worried that he, and the Cavs, would struggle upon his return.

So far so good.

The Cavs lost J.R. Smith to a hand injury for weeks and some fans were worried that his shooting wouldn't return quick enough.

Some inconsistency from deep (games of 1-8, 3-7, 3-4, 4-8, 0-7, etc) but don't stress.

Now Kyrie Irving is dinged up, expected back quickly, and some fans are worried that the toll will just add up.

Cross our fingers but the Cavs don't seem worried yet.

It is Kyle Korver's foot injury that should have fans worried.

It started a week ago, Korver said he might be out a week or so. That wasn't the headline that should concern Cavs' fans. This little note should:

Korver missed the Cavs' loss to Detroit Thursday, but he said he's been hurting for a month and really bothered by it since March 1. By the time the Cavs played the Miami Heat last weekend, Korver said "I could barely move." He was just 2-of-7 for four points in 20 minutes against the Heat.

His foot didn't get any better, had been hurting for a month and the Cavs continued to play him.

This is where injuries to J.R. and Love may have played a role. Maybe if both were healthy, the Cavs would have sat Korver until his foot had felt better.

Maybe there was nothing they could do.

Today, the narrative changed just a bit:

Kyle Korver's left foot still hurts.

"There's still something in there," Korver told "It's getting better but it hasn't come along like I'd hoped. I should've stopped playing on it a week and a half earlier. Now that I'm out, we might as well let it come all the way back, but it just hasn't yet."

Long-time fans of the Cavs know the dangers of foot issues due to the sad history of Zydrunas Ilgauskas.

Currently, building blocks for the 76ers, Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons, have shown the inconsistent issues related to foot injuries.

Looking back at the transactions that led to Korver in the wine and gold and we find that he replaced Mike Dunleavy who replaced Matthew Dellavedova.

With Korver, J.R. and Iman Shumpert the Cavs have great depth, shooting and defense that can play in a variety of lineups.

Without Korver, Shumpert's inconsistent offense isn't enough to make up for his solid defense and J.R. can struggle when asked to carry the load.

With Korver, the Cavs can run out one of the best 5-man shooting lineups while LeBron James sits with Irving, J.R., Korver, Love and Channing Frye.

That lineup loses potency with either Deron Williams or Shump in place of Korver.

Hopefully the Cavs are able to rest Korver as long as needed, even if that means a Playoffs return.

While some will focus on the #1 seed in the East, finding enough minutes for all the talented players, LeBron's minutes or injuries to Irving or Love, it is Korver's foot that should give fans the biggest level of concern.

How concerned are you about Korver's foot?

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