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Welcome Travis Stone to The C-L-E 4 Me

What will Travis Stone bring to the CLE4ME site?

First of all to start, I would like to thank Jared and the entire staff at C-L-E 4 Me for this opportunity.

My name is Travis Stone and I currently live in Charleston, WV which is about 4 hours from Cleveland. I am married with one son and a daughter on the way. I work a full time job at the Toyota plant along with writing on the side. I have spent the last two years covering basketball and football recruiting for BlueGoldSports which is a website that is devoted to West Virginia Athletics.

While writing/reporting for this site, I was able to speak with and meet quite a few coaches, players, and recruits during offseason camps and practices which I felt where a big asset in my growing as a writer.

The opportunity that presented itself when Jared was accepting applications for writers was too good for me to pass up.

I have been a Browns and Indians fan now for as long as I can remember and my passion has only grew as social media has advanced the past couple years. I have opted to just cover the Browns however due to myself being more familiar with their situation than the Indians but if needed I will step in for an Indians story. 

As Jared can attest to, I am very active on twitter looking for breaking Browns news or a good lead on a story. I firmly believe that a story is only as good as the research that is put into it especially when talking about football and all the aspects and statics that good along with it.

It is truly hard to just narrow down one favorite memory as a Browns and Indians fan but this past year's playoff run for the Indians would be near the top of the list. The heart and passion that was on display was something that I think a lot of people don't get to see with professional athletes all the time, which will only make baseball that much better for their audience.

My favorite Browns memory was one that I got to see in person and that was defeating the New Orleans Saints on a last second FG in 2014.

I look forward to working with everyone on the C-L-E 4 Me staff and hope that this is the start of something special for not only this site but for all of us as writers.

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