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My Name is Danny Cunningham and No, I Will Not 'Stick to Sports'

In today's culture far too many people are told to 'stick to sports'. I'm ready to help change that culture.

This piece is serving as my introduction to CLE4Me dot com. I think introductions are stupid, difficult to write, and I’m not remotely cool enough to talk about myself in third person, not that it’s cool to do that, anyways.

Twitter dot com is one of the greatest things about the current world, in my opinion. The site gives users the opportunity to give their input and commentary on absolutely anything they wish, at any time they deem appropriate. It’s truly remarkable.

On Twitter, anyone in any profession can give their opinion on anything they want, whether it is sports, food, art, music, comedy, television shows, fashion, or anything. Everyone seems to be okay with this. It’s part of what makes the internet awesome.

This is all true, until politics are brought up. Once someone brings up their political beliefs, a divide unlike any other emerges. This divide exists among friends, foes and strangers. While most people are allowed to have their opinions, they often create great tension.

Like I said, most people are allowed to have their opinions, some are ridiculed for having a political opinion, or in some cases, an opinion on anything that they are not paid to cover.

My name is Danny Cunningham, and no, I will not stick to sports.

You might know me from Twitter, you may have read some of my sports writing at other websites, and you may know me from my other job at ESPN Cleveland (850 WKNR-AM), but there’s a solid chance you don’t know who I am. It doesn’t matter to me whether or not you know me.

I have an issue with the people that exclaim to people in the sports industry that they should stick to sports. They have a right to speak on whatever is on their mind. You have every right to disagree with what they have to say, but you cannot disagree with their right to say it.

If you disagree with what they have to say, you have every right to unfollow them on Twitter. No one is forcing you to follow them. I have never forced anyone to follow me on Twitter, and I never will. I don’t care who follows me, it’s not my choice who I am followed by. If you do not like what my tweets are about, then you don’t have to listen to them, that’s another incredible part about Twitter.

Whether or not you know me, you probably don’t know why I’m writing this and why you’re subsequently reading this.

I’m pleased to formally announce that I am going to be covering Pop Culture and other non-sports topics that are prevalent both in the City of Cleveland as well as nationally.

I’m going to be doing fun, light-hearted things, as well as some very serious stuff. My first piece does briefly touch sports, but it is more so breaking down a hit TV show instead of football. I have plans for much more, you’re going to want to read it, I can assure you that.

In addition to my writing duties at CLE4Me dot com I am hosting The Off The Rails Podcast with Jordan Whetson. On that podcast we talk a little bit of sports, but more music, politics, movies, food, pop culture and anything else you can think of. It’s truly off the rails.

As for outside of this site, I am a producer, reporter and weekend host at ESPN 850 WKNR in Cleveland, OH. There I handle a lot of behind the scenes and on-air work. I also cover the Indians and Cavaliers on a semi-regular basis.

You can reach me on Twitter at my handle @DCunninghamCLE or via email at dcunninghamcle (at) gmail dot com

I look forward to where this journey takes us.

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