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For Browns Fans, By Browns Fans

A Browns fan located in Southerm California aiming to provide real fan context in content

Welcome to this new, exciting experience.

My name is Daniel Santos, and I would describe myself as a loyal, diehard Cleveland Browns fan in Southern California. Born in Bedford, Ohio, I moved to the Los Angeles area when I was five years old, and carried my passion for the Browns with me. Still in Los Angeles, I've made countless journeys to Browns' home openers and some games on the west coast. 

Growing up, some of my best memories are going back east every summer to work for my grandfather. To this day, my grandfather is one of my heroes. He owned his own construction business and worked well into his 70s. His relentless work ethic is a trait that I always associate with everyone I have ever met from Northeast Ohio, and in part is why the Browns are so special to me.

I got my sports education in a bar. I’ll never forget its name: Sirna’s. There, my grandfather would take me after working in the sun all day. It wasn’t for him to drink, though many of course were, but to socialize. These blue-collar workers I met yearly loved to talk sports, and loved to do it over the Tribe game in the background. They loved their teams through good and bad, and every opinion was welcomed.

No one was ever shut down. Laughed at for ridiculous opinions on the Indians or Browns for sure, but never shunned.

About two years ago, I developed a podcast for Browns fans. My idea was to involve people on Browns Twitter to have a roundtable discussion on the team and game recaps. I found several episodes in the podcast went into a downward spiral, with the focus being primarly on people on Browns Twitter feuds. I had individuals on and focused the entirety of the conversation on feuds between others, and realized I lost the original goal of the podcast I had created.  I felt it best to leave the podcast, and took it as a great learning experience as a creator.

In this new experience, I’m hoping to create that sports bar environment on multiple platforms. I’m hoping to provide a weekly column on the Browns, and have CLE4ME contributors join me on a podcast for weekly debates and analysis of the team.

For Browns fans, by Browns fans.

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