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Growing up In Florida and being an Ohio State Buckeyes fan

Growing up an Ohio State fan in Florida was hard, especially in 2007, but that never stopped my Buckeye fanhood.

I grew up in a small florida town no ones heard of called Crystal River. I am a huge Cleveland sports fan but most of all i am an Ohio State Buckeyes football fan.

Here you're either a fan of one of three teams: the Florida Gators, Florida State Seminoles, or the Miami Hurricanes.

But I'm not a fan of either, I am an Ohio State fan.

Growing up a Buckeye fan was hard, especially in 2007 after the Gators beat tOSU. That year is a year I'm sure all of us Buckeyes fans want to forget but I especially wish my town could forget it. After that year it was even harder as I couldn't go anywhere without hearing the jokes about how their team beat mine. It got worse when Urban Meyer was the new head coach in 2011. Growing up in Florida you kinda just got used to it all and ignored it. 

Being a fan of the Buckeyes got a lot easier when Meyer finally won his first championship with Ohio State. I can remember that night like it was yesterday, the butterflies in my stomach as the ball was kicked off. All the nerves were gone by halftime as it started to set in that i was watching history. When the final Buckeye touchdown was scored as Ezekiel Elliot ran it in, the feeling of my favorite team being the national champions set in.

I remember it being a school night but I watched the entire award ceremony after with no regrets. 

My name is Daniel Patrick and I am 18 years old. I am a senior in high school and have always had a passion for sports. I knew I wanted a job in sports I just never knew where. Recently, I decided I wanted to be a sportswriter and applied for C-L-E 4 Me. Luckily I got it and plan on taking every chance I have to get better and one day be a full time sports writer. I will be covering the Cleveland Browns and Cavaliers and also Ohio State football and basketball.

I plan on just sticking to writing.

You can contact me at or follow me on twitter at @D4nielpatrick

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