What Can a Southerner Bring to the CLE4ME?

What can someone who has never been to Cleveland bring to the CLE4ME site?

Before I begin, I want to thank Jared Mueller and the entire C-L-E 4 Me staff. This is a tremendous opportunity and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for this site.

My name is Reece Helms, and I am currently a sophomore at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. I was born in Charlotte, NC but have lived most of my life in Charleston, SC. So yes, that makes me a southerner writing for a Cleveland site. 

Fun fact about myself: I have never been to Cleveland. So why do I care about Cleveland?

Sports has always meant a lot to me. Ever since I can remember, it has been my number one hobby/interest. Not only is it entertaining to watch but sports is also a way to bond with other people. If you don't believe me, start paying attention to what you talk about with your friends and co-workers. I bet sports is a popular point of conversation.

I have always been very passionate about my favorite teams. With that passion, my first sports writing opportunity came at 16 years old. A UNC site named Keeping it Heel was advertising for available staff writer positions so I decided to apply. Eventually, I was accepted to the site and enjoyed every minute writing for them.

That was only the beginning. Other opportunities such as being the editor of a Charlotte Hornets site called Swarm and Sting under the Fansided network. During the LeBron James era with the Miami Heat, I was a staff writer for SB Nation's Miami Heat blog Hot Hot Hoops. After my time there I returned to Fansided to write for their Cleveland Cavaliers site named King James Gospel. 

Who are my favorite teams you might ask? I was born and raised a Tar Heel, so that's where my loyalties are for collegiate sports. (Yes, I am praying the Browns draft UNC QB Mitch Trubisky in the upcoming NFL Draft.)

Ever since I can remember, I always loved LeBron James. I cannot pinpoint a specific time and place where I became a fan of his. For those wondering, I just turned 20 years old. When LeBron entered the NBA I was around 6 or 7, which is a few years before kids really start to think critically about what is going on in their lives. 

I was loyal to LeBron during his first stint in Cleveland, I was loyal to him after "The Decision" *gasp* and I'm obviously loyal to him and the Cavaliers now. The Charlotte Hornets are my hometown/local team but as long as LeBron is in the league, that's who I will be rooting for primarily. 

My favorite sports moment of all time? That is a tough question. Ray Allen's miraculous shot in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals comes to mind. Heck, Luke Maye's game winner in the Elite 8 against Kentucky on Sunday is pretty high on the list. If UNC finishes off the championship this year it'll probably be first on my all-time sports moments list. 

Right now, it's hard to list anything above last year's NBA Finals. After being down 3-1 in the series, I was one of the pessimistic fans that thought it was over. I will never give up on anything again. LeBron's block and Kyrie Irving's shot were iconic moments. 

Hopefully there will be many more Cleveland sports moments to write about in the future. The future is bright with the Cavaliers seeking a repeat, the Indians seeking redemption, and the Browns seeking players in the NFL Draft to turn around the franchise. 

The future is even brighter with C-L-E 4 Me. If you haven't already, follow us on Twitter at @TheCLE4Me and you can follow myself at @Reece_Helms.

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