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Cleveland Browns' Brock Osweiler could be your Browns 2017 Starting QB

Will Brock Osweiler be the Browns starting quarterback in 2017? Several (Not to mention 16 million) reasons this might happen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2017 Cleveland Browns starting quarterback... Brock Osweiler ?

Browns Head Coach Hue Jackson recently said Osweiler will compete for the starting QB spot as of now, and why not.

The Browns took on Osweiler in deal with the @Houston Texans, mostly to acquire a 2018 2nd round pick it was reasoned. They also took on his $16 million dollar salary for the upcoming season. After 2017, the Browns can let Osweiler go with no cap hit or dead money. Initially, reports said the Browns would either release Osweiler or trade him, eating a large portion of his salary, but this may have changed when the Browns realized the Patriots aren't bluffing about not dealing Jimmy Garoppolo

Why fans or media would be upset with the Browns spending of 16 million dollars on the previous cap space of over 100 million, and still leaving over 61 million in cap space as of now according to OTC (, is hard to fathom. The Browns acquired a quarterback with a 13-8 record, whom the Broncos allegedly offered a 3-year, 45 million dollar deal in the 2016 offseason. 

Think of Osweiler as a lottery ticket. Here are is career numbers: 59.9 % Passing, 26 TD, 22 INT and a 77.4 QB Rating. With the Browns now stellar offensive line, he is in a much better position to succeed than in Houston last year, where it was a shotgun marriage between him and the coaching staff. 

Various reports had Houston Texans Bill O'Brien not exactly on board with the signing of Osweiler

While there is still a chance the Browns flip Osweiler, the closer to the draft, the less likely this happens. The Browns could also hold onto Osweiler for the upcoming 2017 season, then attempt to trade him as his contract becomes more team friendly. 

While the 2017 NFL Draft is loaded with defensive players, the quarterbacks at the top each have major question marks. The Browns will return 2016 3rd round pick Cody Kessler as well as former Stanford quarterback Kevin Hogan in their quarterback room. The three former Pac-12 stars could bridge the gap behind a solid running game (4.9 yards/attempt - 2nd in NFL) and an improved defense presumably led by #1 draft pick Myles Garrett as well as resigned LB Jamie Collins under the new defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

If John Elway thought enough of Osweiler to offer him three years and nearly fifty million dollars, the Browns should be taking a long, hard look at him as well. What do they have to lose?

Other than that 16 million dollars of course. Let the Haslams write that check. 

What do you think the end result with Osweiler and the Browns?

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