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Fair Warning...I Like To Be Different

I'm not going to be your average writer. So let's set things straight...I like to be different.

Most of you don’t know my whole story, but those who do know my story know that Cleveland sports has been the one constant in my life.  To sort of, "lift the curtain" I have a different perspective on things in life, hence why my Twitter handle is @ThatCLESportGuy because I’m THAT guy. 

My unique perspective comes from the obstacles faced in my life through my life as someone who is very high functioning Autistic.  Now I know what you’re thinking and this could lead to another discussion for another day.  But for me to get where I am now, my passion for Cleveland sports and learning more about each team, striving to become a better writer and radio host has made me a better person.

I’ve been writing about all the various Cleveland sports teams over the past 3 years including other areas like the NFL Draft, Fantasy Sports, and WWE for numerous sites.  I’ve also been an Online Radio show host for a few stations and I’m currently the host of, “After Further Review” on and on TuneIn Radio app Tuesdays from 7-9pm. 

I’ve interviewed the likes of Mark Shapiro, Craig Ehlo, and even Seth Rollins just to name a few people.  Some of what you’ll read on here you will be able to listen to on there, but I warn you I like to be controversial.

Any of my closest friends would tell you that if I could have any championship brought to Cleveland, it would be the Indians winning a World Series.  I fell in love with the Indians after my first game on July 18th, 1995 when I was only 4 years old.  Some may remember that as the night Albert Belle (my childhood hero) hit a walk-off grand slam against Lee Smith. 

From that day on, I became a student of the game and I’m excited to bring my Indians insider perspective to C-L-E 4 Me.  I’ve gotten to know many Indians Front Office executives over the years and know how they operate and even learn things no fans are supposed to know.

Now one of my biggest passions outside of sports is Video Games, it’s something that over the years I’ve developed an interest in writing, but have never found the right opportunity to showcase it.  I’m excited that C-L-E 4 Me has provided this opportunity to me and I have a lot in store for this topic. 

From game reviews to perspective on retro games and maybe the dream of covering E3 one day, I plan on showing my love for video games with everyone here.  Who knows, on top of that you might even see me chime in from time to time about WWE and wrestling eventually as I’m a big wrestling fan.

I decided to come over to C-L-E 4 Me because I wanted to take on a new challenge.  I’m really excited with the group of writers we’ve assembled here and look forward to working with all of them going forward.  For those that have supported me from the beginning, I appreciate your continued support. 

To those that are new to my work, I appreciate all your feedback and opinions, whether we agree or disagree.  I think the C-L-E 4 Me can be something special and I’m very fortunate to be a part of this.  Here’s to the future success of the C-L-E 4 Me.

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