"Road Trippin' is Changing Sports News Media in a Crazy Way"

Getting to know your favorite athlete has never been easier and "Road Trippin" is a big part of it.

Have you ever wondered what athletes are thinking? What actors/actresses they like? What genres of music are they into?

If you have had these thoughts, it is safe to say you are not alone.

Since the dawn of professional athletics, avid fans have spent time wondering what superstars are thinking. However, there has never been an efficient way to hear from athletes. SportsCenter and other sports media outlets bring us plenty of info on athletes, but that info is hand selected by groups with an agenda. Their selections are not necessarily bad, but it feels kind of fake.

Even athletes themselves agree you have to be careful when talking to the media. One can never be too safe in the arena of sports news. The last thing an athlete wants is a news outlet twisting his words, and hurting his team, coach, or franchise in any way.

Enter “Road Trippin with Channing and RJ”. A podcast, in which two NBA vets, Cleveland Cavaliers Forwards Richard Jefferson and Channing Frye invite their friends and talk about different subjects ranging from favorite foods, clothing brands, and everything in between.

It has a sense of authenticity to it that dwarfs the personal interviews we see with NBA players all the time. On the podcast, you get to experience every sort of personality, from Kyrie Irving's conspiracy theories, Kevin Love's weird voices, and LeBron James's calming presence.

The variety is incredible.

At the All-Star break, Warriors star Draymond Green started his own podcast titled “Dray Day”. Green talks about many different areas of life and incorporates basketball thoughts as well. Green and Richard Jefferson even engaged in a little trash talk about who had the better podcast. The media paints a picture of Draymond, but until you listen to him speak his own words, you might not actually understand who he is and what he is about. 

It might not have dawned on you yet, but this is groundbreaking.

We can now bypass biased media outlets completely. These outlets push for viewers by running the "best stories” to get clicks on web pages. Some would even say, they don't care about the truth. Whatever brings the page views, brings the money.

But now, we can go and listen directly to the athletes themselves. If you want to hear Channing and LeBron talk about Italian food, check out Episode 12 on Road Trippin, if you want to hear Draymond talk about the Warriors transition without Kevin Durant, check out Episode 2 on "Dray Day”. Do you want to tweet questions for NBA players to answer? That’s exactly what happened in "Road Trippin" episode 13. 

"Road Trippin" really took off, when Kyrie spoke his mind, and mentioned his flat-earth theory. If you listen to the Kyrie episode (Episode 7), you realize that Irving really opens the viewers to who he is as a person. He is a conspiracy theorist.

Now you might think that Kyrie is foolish for believing in a flat earth. That is your opinion, and you are entitled to it. However, you would have missed this part of Irving's personality without this unique form of communication. "Road Trippin" allows you to see NBA players in a more personal light. The more you get to know them, the more you begin to appreciate that they are people just like us.

“Road Trippin” and “Dray Day” are under the “Uninterrupted” umbrella, a company owned by LeBron. LeBron opened Uninterrupted in order to communicate to his fans without the media’s influence. More and more athletes are beginning to flock to Uninterrupted as a source of communication with their fans. As we continue down this road, expect more teams/players across different sports to begin their own podcasts. Hearing directly from your favorite athlete is right around the corner.

Who would have guessed that two NBA veterans would stumble upon something groundbreaking? Channing Frye and Richard Jefferson have tipped the first domino in a new phenomenon of sports media.

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