When In Doubt, Shoot Your Shot, Always Shoot Your Shot

Always shoot your damn shot.

Some days I start off my day with a simple tweet. It's not necessarily declarative of my plans for the day, but certainly can be looked at as one. 


It serves as a reminder, not only to me, but also the rest of the Twitter community, to take chances, be bold, and better your life. 

Shooting your shot is a lifestyle that was shown to me by Shea Serrano. Serrano is currently a staff writer at The Ringer and the author of New York Times bestseller The Rap Yearbook. He also happens to be one of the 10 best accounts on Twitter, according to me, and has an army of followers willing to shoot their shots.

I asked Serrano where he got the concept from and the story he told is rather fun. 

"It was an accident just like all the other stuff. I was telling a story about a kid who got turned down on Valentine's day by a girl and his response was, "shooters shoot" and then ever since then people have been saying it back to me."

Serrano shared with me via email. He used to teach middle school in the Houston area and ever since he told that story on Twitter, it's become a way of life for some. That kid who was shot turned down had no regrets. He shot his shot, which is all you can do sometimes. 

When I asked Serrano what his favorite part of this movement he created is, he responded with "It's really caused people to do things that they otherwise wouldn't have."

I can say that this has had that effect on my life, in a number of ways. One of those ways is me writing this post. This is me shooting my shot and doing something outside of my comfort zone. I'm a sports oriented person in my career, and this clearly isn't about sports, even though it sort of can be. 

Recently, one of the best instances of someone shooting their shot was Moe Harkless, who shot his shot by not shooting his shot. Harkless, a player for the Portland Trailblazers, was due a bonus of $500K if he shot 35.0% or higher from beyond the arc this season. Entering the 78th game of the year last week, he was sitting at 35.1%, good enough to trigger his incentive, as long as he didn't screw it up down the stretch of the regular season. 



That's certainly one way to ensure that he hit his incentive. The Blazers made the NBA playoffs, without the help of Harkless shooting from deep. In their first game of round one in Golden State he returned to shooting from deep, going one of six. Maybe it's best that he refrained from bombing away down the stretch. 

Another way that people have been shooting their shot has been in pursuit of members of the opposite sex. This has gone on for as long as humanity has existed, but it's way more fun now that we can categorize it as shooting your shot. 

Marshon Lattimore was a standout cornerback at Ohio State University and entered the upcoming NFL Draft. He was also the guest of the Cleveland Indians prior to their matchup with the Detroit Tigers on Friday evening and threw out the ceremonial first pitch. 


*It is unknown whether or not this shot was successful*


I can't recall what shot I took that evening, but you're damn right I made it.

Your turn, Shoot Your Shot!

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