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East Finals: Talking Cleveland Cavaliers Options

With the Cavs waiting for their East Finals opponent, the Celtics and Wizards battle it out. What does the C-L-E 4 Me team think is best for the Cavs?

With the Cavs already in the East Finals, who do you think is the easier matchup for them: Boston or Washington? Why?

Jared - While Isaiah Thomas is an amazing player, he is the only one that the Cavs would need to focus on while the Wizards at least have Bradley Beal to go with John Wall.

Daniel S - Boston. John Wall is a superstar on the rise. Kyrie defense affects his offense.

Travis - Boston. Boston has no answer for LeBron but a Porter/Oubre/Beal combination could defend LeBron which would shift the pressure to Love.

Alex - Boston without question.  Boston really doesn’t have the “star” power to match the Cavs.  The Wizards could give the Cavs matchup problems, especially if John Wall has his shot going.  The Wizards also have a certain swag to them that concerns me. 

Reece - I think Washington is the easier matchup, but either way, the Cavs shouldn't be worried. Boston has home court advantage over the Cavs and they are better defensively than Washington. If Cleveland wants to sweep their way into the NBA Finals, a matchup with John Wall and the Wizards might be more favorable. Regardless of the opponent, I don't see the Eastern Conference Finals lasting longer than 5 games. 

Andrew - Boston is definitely the easiest. They trot out a defensive liability at point guard in Isaiah Thomas that Kyrie annually destroys. Also, the Celtics just cannot shoot threes, the Wizards can, and that will be a more difficult series. Also, Tristan Thompson and LeBron James abuse the paint against the C’s because they have no rim protection or big rebounders like the Wizards have in Marcin Gortat.

Brandon - Boston. April 5th. 114-91 at Boston. Cavs flipped the switch to show themselves and the basketball world how easy it is for them to turn it on. Neither team is frightening, honestly, and both led by point guards. Last point guard dominant team to win a championship? Well, it was Isiah Thomas, not Isaiah Thomas. The Bad Boys of Detroit were in an entirely different era, this era is one punctuated by 3s and stretch 4s. LeBron and Love will dominate either of these opponents, regardless of how Kyrie handles Thomas and/or Wall. 

Joe - Boston. The Cavs seem to match up much much better with the Celtics than they do the Wizards. Do I think that they would beat either of those two teams in 5 games minimum? Yes. But the Wizards to me pose a much bigger threat to what the Cavaliers do great. To beat the Cavs you have to be able to shoot the ball. Outside of Thomas who I think could be stopped in a series with the Cavs, the Celtics do not have enough firepower to compete in a 7 game series with the Cavs. 

Bob - Boston. Washington has too many ways they can hurt the Cavs if their guys are clicking on all cylinders. After Thomas, who does Boston really have that scares you? Al Horford? Yeah, we have seen how that plays out. Washington has a physical big in Gortat who can wear down Tristan and prevent him from giving them Cavs as many second chance opportunities as he does. If Wall is breaking down Kyrie and Beal is hitting threes AND the Cavs are not getting second chance buckets, it could make for a longer than expected series. 

Do you think another easy series or a more difficult, longer one would benefit the Cavs more going into the NBA Finals? Why?

Jared - While rest is awesome and important for the Cavs, arrogance has to be a little bit of a concern. While the Cavs thrive on confidence that they can outgun a team, that is a fine line to walk. I’d like the Cavs to face their troubles earlier rather than in the NBA Finals. A 6 game series could do just that.

Travis - The more rest this team can get, will benefit them in playing each game like it's their last.

Alex - As great as having the Cavs get all the rest they can get, facing adversity helps a team come together when they need it most.  With that said, knowing the Cavs are an older team and defending champs, rest isn’t a bad thing.

Reece - The Cleveland Cavaliers overcame a 3-1 NBA Finals deficit last season, so they know a thing or two about adversity. Nonetheless, I think it will be good for them to get tested in the Eastern Conference Finals. While rest is great, I think they need a tune-up before facing Golden State in the NBA Finals. 

Andrew - Rest, Rest, Rest. LeBron said in an interview that Cleveland was coming together because we are finally healthy. We have to be healthy to win another title, and I would like to get to the championship with the fewest amount of games possible. It cuts down on possibilities for injury and LeBron’s minutes.

Brandon - Losing one game would be sufficient enough for the Cavs to not coast into the finals, but even if they sweep, the rest for this old bag of Cavalier bones would be good (29.9 average age is tied for oldest in NBA with the Clippers).

Joe - Anytime you can get the rest, you do so. Especially a veteran team like the Cavs. This team is specifically built for deep runs into the playoffs, and not to mention any time LeBron James is able to get any rest whatsoever before the Finals start, is a major bonus. Also the quicker you can end a series reduces risk of any injury and on the flipside, in the case of an injury, providing it’s not too serious, you can have ample time to recover. 

Bob - The shorter the series the better. With LeBron playing 40+ minutes in every single game, I would much rather him play 4 or 5 games at that number than 6 or 7. 

What do you think? Who do you think is easier East Finals opponent? Would you prefer an easier path to the Finals?