NBA Finals: Spurs or Warriors Desired?

Our staff takes a look at who they'd like to see the Cavs face in the NBA Finals.

Who would you most want to see the Cavs face in the NBA Finals: Golden State or San Antonio? Why?

Jared - All I care about is the Cavs winning the Title. The stories, the history, what people will say, etc doesn’t matter. No one minimizes the title the Spurs won against the Cavs when it was LBJ and not a lot more. That sweep is still counted toward their Title count. The Spurs are an easier route to Cleveland’s count being 2. You can keep the history and the rivalry for TV shows and movies.

Travis - San Antonio. Leonard vs James is all that needs to be said.

Alex - Golden State.  LeBron has his moment to truly put himself above MJ as the greatest to play the game if he can beat this Golden State team.

Reece - The Golden State Warriors are going to be in the Finals whether we like it or not. Part 3 of the Cavs/Warriors trilogy begins on June 1st and will be televised on ABC. We’ve all known this since July 4th when KD announced he was leaving for Golden State, and it’s probably the most anticipated NBA Finals series in history. Like Alex mentioned, if LeBron and the Cavs win this series he has a strong argument for passing Michael Jordan as the greatest. For that reason, this would be the best matchup from a fan’s standpoint.

Andrew - Tough question. For LeBron’s legacy, I would take Golden State. Easiest road would be the Spurs. Best individual matchup would be Kawhi vs. LeBron. There are three ways I could answer that question, for argument’s sake I will answer with the Warriors. I feel a strong dislike for Draymond Green, and I would like to see him lose again.

Brandon - Golden State vs Cleveland brings to mind the rivalries we haven’t seen since the 80s and early 90s in the NBA, which would be fun as a sort of rubber match. Playing and beating San Antonio would be a nice bookend to LeBron’s career with the Cavaliers, and I wouldn’t be surprised at any point if he retired ala Jim Brown with good years still left in the tank. Of course, Harden vs James would be a fun matchup as well, but I want to see Curry and company lose again. 

Joe - Golden State, because I do not believe the Cavs are afraid of the Warriors. The Cavs seem to have some sort of psychological edge on the Warriors. I think they can beat either opponent, but as a fan, I want the Warriors. We haven't had a rivalry in the NBA like this since the 80s. It's good for the game and it's fun for the fans. Bring on the Dubs!

Bob - Winning a rubber match against Golden State would finally shut Draymond Green up, but part of me feels like LeBron beating the Spurs in the Finals as a member of the Cavs really brings everything full circle from when we were swept by them back in 2007. Also, with as much respect as there is between LeBron and Coach Pop, you better believe part of LeBron wants to even up their head to head finals record since he is currently losing 2-1 against him. 

What say you: Spurs or Warriors?

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