Air Force-Utah State As it happened

It was a beautiful day for college football in Colorado Springs. However, in the end it was a dark day for the Air Force Falcons who fell to Utah State, 52-20. Look inside for in-game commentary of the Mountain West Conference battle.


12:50 Utah State needs little time get their first score, a 30-yard pass from Chuckie Keeton to Travis Van Leeuwen. 7-0 Utah State.

12:33 AFA fumbles on its first possession. Utah State gets the ball deep in Falcon territory inside the 10.

11:17 Aggies add another touchdown off a short run by Joe Hill and are building a nice lead very early.

10:30 AF's Awini completes a big 34-yard pass to Ty MacArthur to get this drive moving.

8:03 33-yard field goal puts AFA on the board. 14-3 Utah State.

7:59 Air Force recovers USU fumble in Aggie territory.

6:27 Air Force draws USU off sides to convert fourth down.

5:28 Air Force goes for it on fourth down and gets the first down near 10-yard line of Utah State.

3:19 Falcons forced to kick another field goal which is again good. 14-6 Utah State.

0:48 Utah State again driving on the Falcons. Down inside the AF 25-yard line.

0:37 Falcons force an intentional grounding call on USU.

0:23 Huge sack by AF's Dexter Walker back to the USU 45.


11:20 Air Force barely misses getting another huge sack.

9:16 Utah State gets another short run for a TD. 21-6 Utah State.

7:04 Pass interference called on Utah State during long Awini pass.

3:20 Jaleel Awini runs 3-yards for an AF touchdown. 21-13 Utah.

1:10 AF gets an interception by Jamal Byrd but can't move the ball and punts to Utah State.

0:41 Utah State nearing the red zone as halftime approaches.

0:12 Utah State gets a 41-yard field goal just before the half.

Halftime Utah State 24, Air Force 13


13:51 Air Force appears to be getting more running room so far in the second half. Falcons are punting on fourth and 1 though.

9:57 USU driving on AF again, inside the red zone. AF defense is playing hard but to no avail.

9:44 Another USU touchdown pass makes it 31-13.

7:55 Air Force runs a fake punt on fourth and 3 at their own 33 and doesn't make it.

6:38 20-yard TD pass puts Aggies up 38-13.

2:56 USU gets another TD pass, this one to an undefended receiver. Getting very ugly at 45-13 now.


11:53 QB Chuckie Keeton still chucking TD passes. Completed a 1-yard bomb to Keegan Anderson to make it 52-13.

8:04 Backup Falcon QB Karson Roberts throws a 37-yard TD which looked super. Roberts threw it from about the 45 and the WR caught it at about the 5 and ran it in. Cuts the USU lead to 52-20.

00:00 It's final now. Air Force falls to Utah State, 52-20. Falcons drop to 1-0 on the season. I knew this USU team was going to be a tough game. They were very good last year and had a ton a starters coming back including Chuckie. They lost their head coach but the OC took over and it appears they haven't missed a beat. Still so, I thought we'd compete better than this.

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