Air Force-Boise State As it happened

Air Force fell to Boise State 42-20 on Friday night as the Broncos out-gained the Falcons 533-287 in total yards. Air Force trailed only 21-17 at the half but couldn't keep up with the Bronco offense in the second stanza. Look inside for in-game commentary of this Mountain West Conference showdown.


14:08 Already a penalty but AF gets a first down on initial drive.

13:17 Still early but Falcons appear to be moving the ball better than last week.

12:56 Jaleel Awini throws incomplete long but personal foul for late hit get AF a first.

12:21 Awini runs for a first deep in BSU territory. This is looking pretty good!

11:40 Hart to BSU 1.

10:42 Awini scores on sneak. 7-0 Falcons! 9 plays for 75 yards. This is something we lacked last week.

10:17 AF gets first TFL from Joey Nichol.

8:30 BSU running mostly has reached the AF 25. Face mask penalty gets them to 12.

6:49 Joe Southwick TD pass ties the score at 7.

4:25 On its second drive AF has moved to the Falcon 46.

3:50 AF goes for it on fourth and 1 and makes it at BSU 49.

1:46 AF faces a fourth and 2 situation at BSU 40. Goes for it and makes it.

0:00 First quarter ends with AF nearing another first down and tied 7-7.


14:55 Broam Hart gets another AFA first at the BSU 20

13:59 AF's Awini penalized for illegal forward pass. He was trying to make a pitch out.

13:11 Will Conant makes a 33-yard field goal to make the score 10-7 Falcons.

12:35 Diving tackle for a loss to Dexter Walker.

11:15 BSU playing pitch and catch and already in AFA territory.

10:41 BSU get a rushing TD from Jay Ajayi. 14-10 BSU.

9:58 Awini gets hit hard.

9:24 Awini completes deep throw to get AF in BSU territory.

8:02 AF has first and goal at BSU 1.

6:41 Ty MacArthur nearly dives into end zone. Play is reviewed to see if he actually made it. Call stands.

6:20 Awini forces his way into end zone. AF 17, Boise State 14.

6:10 Gavin McHenry gets a great tackle but it's negated by a penalty on BSU. Backs the Broncos up deep.

5:40 McHenry makes fine play to break up a pass.

4:46 AF having problems making tackles on some of these out passes. BSU in AF territory again.

3:44 Chop block call puts BSU back in their own territory.

2:43 BSU gets a first down at AF 27.

0:27 BSU has a second and goal situation at the AF 1.

0:24 BSU's Southwick runs it in for a score on the right side. 21-17 BSU.

00:00 That's the end of the first half. Valiant effort by the Falcons.

Halftime: Boise State 21, Air Force 17

Air Force's offense needs to keep doing what it's doing in the second half. Defensively, the team needs to force some turnovers and punts. The team that makes the best defensive adjustments at halftime will win this thing.


10:47 AF gets the break it needs when McHenry recovers BSU fumble at AF five. Wow!

8:28 AF driving picks up its second first down on drive after turnover.

6:26 AF forced to punt but at least they stopped one Bronco drive.

3:59 BSU scores on long run to pull ahead 28-17.

3:08 Air Force forced to punt again on second consecutive drive. Seems that the Broncos may have made the better defensive adjustments at halftime.

1:04 Spears gets an interception for AF in the end zone! McHenry broke it up.

00:00 Third quarter ends with AF facing a third down at about its own 20. Boise State 28, AF 17 at the end of the third.


14:55 AF gets a converts on third down with a good pitch by Awini.

14:28 Ty MacArthur catches a deep pass for a 34-yard gain in BSU territory.

12:55 Air Force faces 4th and 1 at BSU 15 and overthrows receiver in end zone. Late hit on Awini gives AF a first at 7 yard line

11:00 BSU stuffs AF on third down. AF to kick Conant and makes a short field goal to pull AF to within eight, 28-20.

8:12 Ajayi runs for another TD to put the Broncos up 35-20.

8:06 Nice KO return by Anthony LaCoste to the 36.

8:00 Awini throws an interception on the first down. That might be the final straw that broke the Falcons back.

5:10 BSU has a first and goal at the AF 1.

4:46 Broncos add another short TD run. Reviewed to see if he actually scored, confirmed a TD. 42-20 BSU.

3:21 Roberts came in at QB but AF forced to punt. This should do it. Look for BSU to run it up the middle and run out the clock.

00:00 BSU runs the clock out. Ball game. Falcons fall to 0-2 in the MWC and 1-2 overall. Next Saturday Wyoming will visit. The Cowboys (1-1) lost a close one to Nebraska in their opener and then beat Idaho last week. Tomorrow they host Northern Colorado.


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