Troy Calhoun post game comments

Air Force fell to Boise State 42-20 on Friday night in Boise. After the game Falcons head coach Troy Calhoun spoke with members of the media. Look inside to see his comments.

Opening comments:

"I thought Boise State played extremely well. They were very efficient, especially offensively. The second half we had trouble blocking the defense and they made a couple of key plays. If you look back at the game, they ran the ball very we ll. Every time they had the ball they had a drive. So in some ways it might have been a little fortunate we were able to create two turnovers."

Thoughts on Boise State QB Joe Southwick who completed 27-29 passes for 287 yards, a touchdown and an interception:

"He was very impressive. He made very completable throws especially on the perimeter. He had two big throws and even when we had him at 1st-and-23 on a drive they were able to convert on big plays."

On the inability of his defense to stop Boise State:

"That's what you have to do. You have to make defensive stops. And at the same time being able to force for good field position. We played against an excellent opponent and a really good squad."

On the play of quarterback Jaleel Awini who took over the starting position last week when Kale Pearson was injured against Utah State:

"There is room for improvement. We need to make progress across the board as a squad and in every facet. There are some strides that we have to make at every single position. We have to be dead on in all regards. If we're not then things can slow us. Including the drops."

On halftime adustments:

"We made a couple of adjustments at halftime and Boise State did too. It was about 28-17 and we were 3rd-and-2 from the 28-yard line and Boise State made a big play back behind the line of scrimmage."

On Air Force tailback play (85 yard combined rushing):

"Playing a tailback depends on the game plan. There are certain games when someone else needs to carry the football. And tonight that was the case. The tailbacks could have had more carries."

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