Air Force 67 - 38 win over Dartmouth

The Air Force Falcons took on and dominated their first regular season game Friday night. The Falcons beat Dartmouth in the 2nd game of the Air Force Classic. In an earlier game the UNC Bears beat VMI to advance to Saturday's championship game. The Falcons will meet the University of Northern Colorado at 8PM.


A very solid effort put in by the  BBall Birds last night.  Rumors of our early demise to the Canadian invaders are much overstated.

Air Force started very sloppily with several turnovers and missed shots, down 8-3 at one point, then 10-5.  Defense was the key to this game, though, and the Falcons were as tenacious as I've seen an Air Force team.  Dartmouth simply couldn't penetrate the lane.  As Tony D said on the radio, at one point early in the second half, the two little kids doing the Big Shoes Challenge had scored more points in the paint (4) than Dartmouth.  The Meek Green had Zero, Nada, Zilch in the paint in the 1st Half.

Tim Anderson started slow and was guarded pretty well most of the evening.  He managed a couple before the half, and the team was 10-10 from the FT line at the break.

I thought the player of the game, especially in the first half, was Keith Maren.  He rebounded well, drove to the hoop, passed, dished inside--he just about did it all.  By far the most improved player on the team.  Great job, Keith!

Matt Holland recovered from a couple of missed 3's to rebound well and played especially good D.  Matt shut down most of the Dartmouth drives and also passed well.  We had a few sweet pick-and-rolls and finished with 26 points in the paint to Dartmouth's SIX for the whole game!

Anwar Johnson had his one-each monster slam in the first half, a superb block and was throwing his body all over the court on D.  He had a couple of sloppy offensive plays, but also made it to double figures on a couple of gliding shots down the lane.

Evan Washington (a freshman) is already the real deal.  He complements Tim as well as Danny did, but in a different way.  Tim's now become the shooter, while Evan seems to be the speedy play-maker.  I couldn't believe this guy is a doolie.  He'll have some monster games for us.

Coach Reynolds did an outstanding job of rotating in the talent.  I liked his combos and he kept everyone fresh.  Andrew Henke came in after Matt missed his 3's and just drained 3 from beyond the arc in a matter of seconds.  Coupled with some serious rebounding by 'Drew and a couple of nice steals, the game turned at that point.  Andrew had an excellent game, but he does (and did) occasionally struggle when the right group isn't on the floor with him.  He really needs TA and Anwar IMHO.

Eric Kensick saw significant playing time and drove well to the hoop.  He needs to do that often because his quickness is just a little less than Nick's was and with a better developed spin move he can be a real force for us.

Other players stepped in for the most part not even missing a beat.  Avery Merriex, Saj El-Amin,  Grant Parker, etc all played some significant time before the "garbage" last two minutes.

Overall, Doolie the WonderLab, gives the Birds two paws up for this one.  Defense, defense, defense--that's how we're going to have a winning season this year, I'm convinced, and if we play like we did tonight, then I think we'll certainly do just that!
'81 Second to None!

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