Thud's view -

Quick take on a day in Air Force Spring football practice. Thud shares his view of Falcon practice from 3-8-08.

Went to practice Saturday and here are some of my observations and thoughts:

1. Spent a good chunk of time watching the ILBs being coached up by their new coach and really liked what I saw.  Starting right now are #47 Ken Lamendola and #45 John Falgout.  The 2s are #55 Clay Bryant and #43 Mark Mosby.  Let me fill you in on something, Mark Mosby is a big time hitter and so is Bryant.  We look very solid at this position.  3s are #42 AJ Morosco, #52 Collin Goodwin and #57 Anthony Hill.

2  On the corner, Reggie Rembert had a beautiful pick, he looks bigger, but he is still super quick.  Didn't notice him on offense.

3. At strong safety (SS), Chris Thomas is deadly, if you enter his strike zone, then you're entering a world of pain.  Love to watch that young man play ball.

4. The 'D' line is big, strong, mobile and hostile!  Attention!  # 49 Ryan Gonzales was in stealth mode until who found his prime after he has lost THIRTY FRIGGIN POUNDS!  He looked great in Oklahoma Drills or whatever they call it now.  He could end up being a major contributor this season.

5. SS, Luke Yeager #30 got the BIG HIT of the Day Award, my man brought it like a ton of bricks!!!! Great job Luke.

6. When the Air Force defense gets the talent it has coming in from the Prep-School and this most recent recruit class, their potential to be one of the best AF has ever had is very high.

7.  On to the O!  I've got to be straight up and say none of the QBs looked good today.  If Shea Smith is going to have a shot at leading the offense come this fall, he has to improve on his ability to throw on the run.  As a matter of fact, all of the QBs who practiced today need to take a serious step up in that area.  From what I saw, none of the them did anything running the ball which made them stand out.  I still think QB Ben Cochran has what it takes to make a separation run from the others, but he has to make that move sooner than later.  If I were Mr. Jefferson from the Prep-School, I'd be licking my chops at the opportunities afforded me in the fall.  Same goes for the recent recruits coming directly into the Academy.

8.  Man do I love this O line, great combination of speed, size and strength.  As was true last year at this time, long snaps need improvement, but the FALCONS are in great shape with this unit.

9. Bias flag thrown on myself with what I've got to say about the Tight ends.  HUGE amount of talent, vets look great and Steve Schaffer is the REAL DEAL my friends, great catch in traffic today.  I really think Coach Troy Calhoun is going to make considerable use of three deep at this position this season.

10.  Sean "Hands" Quintana looked solid as a rock at WR-X and everyone needs to be looking at Anthony Hemphill in terms of him becoming a major threat at this position.  Hemphill is fast, has a great stride in open space and has excellent hands.  Couple him with the speed and size Armstrong has along with sure hands and blocking ability Quintana has and you've got yourself a great set of weapons at X receiver.

11. Remember this name, Kyle Lumpkin!!!! I saw a something very special in #38 who seemed to be playing both Z receiver and tailback.  Build is low to the ground, huge leg strength, quick and fast at the same time.  This young man is going to make you and defensive coordinators sit up and take notice; EXCELLENT ATHLETE.  M2 has already coined him "38 Special"!

12. Todd Newell is starting at fullback and #16, who I think is Matt Davis was playing TB.  TB Brenton Byrd is still doing way to much thinking and not using that speed of his to get to the hole and explode through it.  I wish this young man would come on strong, he has the skills to be a very good football player.

13.  Kicker, Ryan Harrison is the man, enough said.

That is about it for now, I'll be back out next Saturday to give you all another update.


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