Challenge to the Falcon O-Line

A challenge to the Air Force offensive line! A perspective from a knowledgeable Falcon fan on the importance of the AFA O-Line leading the way in the Falcons last three games of the 08 season.

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I believe I made a statement many moons ago that the FALCON O-line had to take on a strong leadership role this season for the AF offense to find success with so many young skill position players.  After Tim Jefferson was given his role as the starting QB, I think the O-line gave him and the other younger less experienced players the opportunity to develop because they led by example and did their jobs well, but in my opinion they haven't been consistent in those efforts.

For AF to beat CSU and one of the big two, BYU or TCU, and finish the 2008 season strong, the Falcon O-line needs to step up and play their best ball and collectively become the leader of the offense.  If the O-line affords TJ (Jefferson), Asher, Warzeka, Lumpkin and the rest of the young and highly talented "skill players" the opportunity to use their athletic abilities, the Falcons will be 9-3 and in a bowl, AGAIN!

It is time for senior leadership from a bunch of junior players on the O-line.  That leadership not only has to come by example in play, but it has to come from a rock steady determination that can be seen in their attitude as these last three huge games loom in the eyes of players who haven't been there and done that. 

When the Falcons are down at the 2 against these last three teams, field goals ain't gonna cut it my friends.  The Falcon O-line has to produce the opportunities for their brothers to score.  When a critical third down conversion HAS TO BE MADE, the O-line has to produce the opportunities for the yards to be gained.  Up and down play isn't going cut it in these last three games, the Rams hung with BYU to the end and will be seeking revenge for the smack down they got last season in their house. BYU is trying to maintain their faltering image and they aren't going to dismiss AF as an easy win.  TCU at home is as tough of a game as you'll find in the MWC and they will also be in revenge mode.  Tim Jefferson, Asher Clark etc will need their "Big Brothers" up front to lead the way in those games in more ways than one. 

The AF O-line needs to take the motto of the Army Rangers and embrace it, "Rangers Lead The Way!"  As the 2008 AF football season comes to a close, the AF O-line needs to "Lead The Way"!

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