Tough Work Pleases Price

Alabama's football team is now two-thirds of the way through spring practice. Crimson Tide Defensive Coordinator Joe Kines said after Wednesday's two-hour, full gear workout, "Things are going along okay. The only negative is we're running out of days. We don't have 35 more days to practice."

Bama has now completed 10 of 15 practices. The Tide will return to the practice field Friday afternoon, then – in conjunction with Alabama's spring coaching clinic – have its second full scrimmage of the spring on Saturday. The coaching clinic will continue through Sunday with each of the six Alabama high school championship coaches lecturing.

Bama will have three practices next week, including the A-Day Game at 1 p.m. CST Saturday, March 29, to conclude spring training.

Head Coach Mike Price was pleased with Wednesday's work. "It was a good practice, and I thought the scrimmage work was great," he said. "We're progressing."

Because last Saturday's scrimmage included little or no work for those players not on the first two teams, there was a mini-scrimmage of about 25 plays for those who had been left out Saturday. There was also a short period of goalline work.

Price said sophomore walk-on tailback Ezzie Raulls (5-8, 210) of Tuscaloosa Central caught his eye.

And, the head coach said, "I was pleased with the way the defense played in our goalline work. That was hard-nosed defense."

Kines agreed there were positives in the goalline defense. He said, "It was the first time we had done it, and I didn't know where we would be. But the effort was good. The enthusiasm was great, and that's a big part of goalline success."

He said it would be hard to point to individuals in goalline work because that has to be a group effort.

"Of course, it's never good to be in goalline, because that means you've already had problems," Kines added.

Offensive Coordinator Eric Price said, "We've installed a lot of stuff. Now we're just trying to get fundamentals down. We know the players will eventually learn the plays. What we're concentrating on are the fundamentals of blocking and passing and catching."

The offensive coordinator said that Wednesday's work included concentration on the blitz package. "The defense was blitzing every down and we have to be able to pick it up. We have to get better at the basic stuff. But we're progressing."

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